Watch This Cyclist Tell Off A Homophobic Preacher In A Busy Street

Credit: ProfDEH on Wikipedia

We have another video to share with you all.

In these times of people taking the street to spread their hate through open protesting, we’re glad to see when people take a stand and say enough is enough.

And that is just what this video, posted by PinkNews, is all about.

This video takes place in Glasgow, Scotland and in it we can see a preacher yelling out on a busy street. This is not someone unusual. In fact, you can probably find it on any regularly busy street in any city.

That said, hearing these people recite homophobic messages is not as usual (though still pretty common on the grand scheme of things).

That’s right, the preacher was specifically talking about LGBTQ people and saying that gay people needed to repent and were the minority of the world.

That’s when a random cyclist who was riding by decided to stop and confront the man. Things got interesting from there…


Sadly, while hateful speech like this is no longer the word of the majority, loud outliers like the preacher still exist.

That said, Scotland is a country where gay marriage, adoption, and protections in law exist. Hopefully, the mentality of LGBTQ people being the same as heterosexual and cisgender people will grow while the hate speech does the opposite.

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