Watch This Seattle Queen In Babadook Drag Get Engaged

I still don’t really understand the whole Babadook craze that’s hit the LGBTQ community in the past few months.


I mean, I get where it comes from and why its become a running gag, but I still want to shake my head at it all.

That said, seeing Babdook get engaged, that was pretty great.

What happened was that Seattle’s Pride was this weekend. During it, the local Drag Queen Freya Love got engaged while dressed up as the recent gay icon.

The best part was that Freya Love was completely surprised and didn’t expect her boyfriend, now fiancé, Amazon, and fellow Drag Queen Donatella to work together for the proposal.


“It’s kind of like you’re the last person to know Santa Claus doesn’t exist.”

If you want to hear Freya Love's take on it all and see a video of how it happened, check out the video down below.

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