Watch Tom Daley and Lance Black Cook “Magical Meaty Balls”

Did you know that Tom Daley has a Youtube Channel?

The Olympic, British diver started uploading on Youtube around 6 years ago and steadily built a solid fanbase. Today, he boasters having over 400 thousand subscribers and LGBTQ sites like Instinct Magazine have just discovered it.

What started out as goofy videos of Daley sharing a thought or two or showing how to do a backflip, has turned into a channel where he shares advice and cooks/bakes.

For instance, last week Daley made gay newslines for recording the wedding cake reveal to his then soon-to-be husband Lance Black.

This week, Daley is in the news again for making a cooking video with his, at the time of recording, fiancé that’s all about the “sweaty balls.”

That’s right, Daley and Black decided to make meatballs, and Black just couldn’t help himself.

Specifically, the dish is a soft-boiled egg wrapped in spicy beef/sausage. From there, the two decide to diverge from the usual recipe of covering the meatballs in bread crumbs, so that they can eat a healthier option.

Watch the video below for all the fun dirty jokes, the cute couple moments, and for a good example on how to cook Scotch meatballs (and one very bad example).

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