Watch Tyler Oakley’s List of 8 Inspirational LGBTQ Hispanic/Latin Trailblazers

via Youtube @Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley is a the face of Youtube’s LGBTQ community.

He is the most known and recognized LGBTQ Youtuber out there today and he is celebrated for being one of the longest running Youtubers around.

So, when a person with such a long reach shines a spotlight on sometimes forgotten sections of the LGBTQ community such as queer Hispanic/Latinx people, it’s a wonderful thing.

That’s right, Tyler Oaskley took the time to write up a list of 8 inspiring Latin and Hispanic people who were also LGBTQ. From Frida Khalo to Ricky Martin and former Obama Administration employee Raffi Freedman-Gurspan, this list is all about historic and inspiring LGBTQ people.

So, if you want a little pick me up in terms of LGBTQ diversity, watch the video down below.

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