Watching This For The Eye Candy Or Is This A Thing?

I think one of the best things about growing up is that you get to wear colorful underwear! Well okay, no, that is not the top best things, but it sure is fun when you get to wear assless undies all day at work!  Well, no, I don't do that either, but I get to wear something more than just grey, black, or white underwear that mom picked out for me while living under her roof. I love the vibrant colors and the different textures. I have three drawers of underwear.  Yes, I have a problem.

If you're like our household and receive a shipment of new fun underwear a month, you may want to watch this.

Jared North shows us how to keep our underwear clean and fresh over numerous wears in this video 'How to Wash Your Underwear for Men!' put this content together to both titillate and educate us on how to take care of your drawers.

My underwear is about the only thing I will wear definitely just once between washes.  I'll wear a dress shirt once or twice,  dress pants maybe three times, and jeans, well, I've been told it's not always good to wash jeans as much as other clothes. We all may have heard different things about denim, but unless they are 'soiled' (no, not that way!) in some fashion, I don't wash my jeans too often.

But when it comes to undies, one and done!  But now Jared is telling us that we should treat them as delicates?  I must be a Neanderthal!  I've been throwing them into my laundry with my regular clothes.

Let's see what Jared has to say about our undergarments.  And if you think it's all hog wash, just watch him move around and listen to that baritone voice.



Guess what mom did this year.  Yep, grey and black Hanes boxerbriefs.  She'll always be a mother.  I asked her for exciting dress socks last year … all shades of black, dark blue, and grey.  When it comes to laundry day,  I separate between clothing with bright or solid colors and the ones that can stand a little bleach.  Even though ummm,, what's his name, he was cute, wasn't he, Jared!  Yes, Jared.  Even though Jared with the sexy voice recommends handling with care, I'll be washing as usual.  Even though I love underwear, I won't go that extra step to divide and conquer my wash.

Do you do your drawers in their own load of laundry?

Do you clearly not skimp on your skimpies and spend $15 to $20 a pair?

Do you think there are some over rated brands out there that, it really doesn't matter, they look good for a couple of wears and they're done?

What do you think?