We All Love A HIMBO! Add To Our List?

They aren’t the smartest tools in the shed, but that’s one of the reasons we love them so much. Kind, good-natured, friendly, unassuming, clueless. And most of all handsome. All of these characteristics come together to form a “HIMBO.” Searching online for definitions of a himbo you find “an attractive but unintelligent man.” Urban Dictionary defines a himbo as large attractive men who “tend to be not very bright, but usually extremely nice and respectful.”

If a himbo lived in a southern state, you might overhear another character talking about him saying, “oh bless his heart.” A himbo should not stress over whether they will be accepted into Mensa or not.

The word himbo has been around for decades but has seemingly invaded the pop culture lexicon in a huge way in 2020 especially on social media platform TikTok. Tumblr and Twitter also took to voicing their loves of the himbo!



In these times of the METOO movement, talk began of the himbo label being problematic, insulting or offensive.

Morgan Sung wrote about himbos for Mashable saying:

“Celebrating himbos is simply celebrating a version of masculinity untainted by toxic aggression. Just as masculinity and femininity transcends gender identity, identifying as a himbo does as well. Anyone who is masc-aligned can be a himbo, so long as they are hot, dumb, and pure of heart. The social discussion surrounding himbos also spawned the gender-neutral term “thembo,” for those who are non-binary but are still hot, dumb, and pure of heart.”

Best advice is to let someone call themselves a himbo first, before you refer to them as one. And hey, if you are being called a himbo, you are being liked and adored for a number of reasons, being not so smart is just one of them. Smile, say something stupid and bask in the attention.

Here are some favorite TV himbos of mine – and yes there are a few – what can I say I like hot men. No judgments! Lol.



We all know “Friends” hasn’t aged well but we can still love the adorable, not so smart Joey. He was a great friend to have around even if he couldn’t open a carton of milk and thought a cows opinion was a moo point. Just remember if you go out to eat with him – JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!



As Buffy loved and lost both Angel and Spike, I wondered why she never chose adorable, goofy, lovable, dim-witted Zander. Willow crushed on him early on and he wound up falling in love with centuries old Anya.



Back in the day, Woody Harrelson started his career playing the adorable, goofy, lovable (are you sensing a pattern here lol) bartender on Cheers.



Before Ashton Kutcher dated Demi Moore and became one of the “Two and a Half Men” he was the adorable, goofy, lovable Michael Kelso on this classic sitcom from the early 2000s. Kutcher met his now wife and mother of his children, actress Mila Kunis, who played Jackie Burkhart.



As the dim-witted, adorable, goofy but lovable Andy on this Amy Poehler led hit sitcom Chris Pratt had viewers falling in love with him week after week. His guest starring role in season one was such a hit and his character so well liked he was promoted to series regular in the second season. His character matures throughout the series eventually marrying April (Aubrey Plaza) and becoming Leslie Knope’s assistant.

Sound off, Instincters! Who is your favorite TV himbo?


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