We Can See Morning Wood In Diplo’s Nature Pic

Credit: Instagram

Don’t worry Diplo. We get the joke. We’re just not sure why you made it.

American DJ Diplo is known for being an interesting soul with unique personality and taste (he even posted his piece online once). But we’ve got to say, his taste in humor is either really weird or really… attractive?


The DJ made no attempt at hiding what he’s got while taking a picture in Ibiza, Spain. Not only did he think, “Ok, I’ll share a nature pic,” but he also thought, “I’ll stand with an obvious boner and make a joke out of it.”

And that’s exactly what he did. He then captioned the photo,  “I’ve been all over God’s green earth, and nothing excites me more than the raw beauty of nature.”

And while we’re cringing a little at the post… we’re also enjoying the view.



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