We Can Show Disagreement, But Let’s Not Disrespect.

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Out100 Honoree, Scott Nevins, Accused Of Racism After Repeatedly Using African American Slur

Every year a lot of us look forward to naming of the the Out100 Persons of the Year. It could be called the LGBTQ+ version of TIME Magazine’s supreme honor. One of Out100’s honorees in 2016 was writer and television personality, Scott Nevins. Nevins boasts a long resume, including being a television personality, host, and writer. Along with his many achievements, Nevins dips into politics often – he’s a fierce liberal voice in the LGBTQ+ community…but his recent comments after President Joe Biden’s latest televised joint session of Congress have left a bunch of folks wondering what was he thinking. Yesterday evening, after the President addressed the nation, Nevins responded to Republican South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s criticism of the current administration.

According to CNN, Scott argued in a viral video that President Biden is failing to deliver on his bipartisan promises. Of course, his video was met with backlash from social media. Nevins, a political pundit, decided to come harshly for the republican Senator. In a since deleted tweet, Nevins referred to Scott as a term ‘considered to be excessively obedient or servile to white people.’ He was instantly met with backlash and deleted the tweet.

So what made Nevins apologize this time and see the light shining down on his wrong wording and ways? It might have been the quick responses from others calling him out.  But Twitter user discovered that this wasn’t the first time Nevins had used this slur in a tweet or two or more. What goes online never disappears.  Here is a blast from his inappropriate past and some more responses to his recent racists tweet.

This morning on The View’s lone conservative Meghan McCain indirectly mentioned that Nevins wasn’t the only person referring to the Senator as the slur. The slur was trending for eleven hours on Twitter before being removed, which McCain believes was only allowed, despite being against the tech company’s policy, because Scott is a known Republican.

Do you believe Nevins, and many others, are completely out of line referring to anyone – even someone they disagree with politically – as a racial slur? Or are passes given if politics don’t align?

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Source: CNN

Image via Instagram | @scottnevins

4 thoughts on “We Can Show Disagreement, But Let’s Not Disrespect.”

  1. He is a irrelevant queen who needs to be bitch slapped. Hopefully someone brings up the time he had a explosive diarrhea event at a party in his pants and smeared it on the bathroom walls and blamed it on being drunk.

  2. I wish I could feel sorry for him, but ultra liberals like him helped create this world that we live in today. They thought being confrontational. snarky, and disrespectful to their opponents would change the world for the better and lead to improved conditions for others. It. Has. Not. When the far-left shaming culture comes for their “founders” like Dan Savage, Richard Dawkins, Rose McGowan, or even Mr. Nevins here, these people have no one to blame but themselves. You guys have made your proverbial bed, now you must lie in it.

  3. Considering the progressive left has called for segregation on a few occasions does this surprise anyone? The far-left are neo-racist. To end racism you need race to play no significant role in society. You need race to be equivalent to eye color. Something that exist and can be acknowledged but is for all intents and purposes completely irrelevant. Irrelevant to the point you can’t offend someone over it even if you tried. The far left want to make race the number 1 thing on everyone’s mind but it’s a finger trap problem. We are a long way from racial irrelevance but the far-left is not helping by calling every white person with an opinion on race racist and every black person that disagrees with then racial slurs.


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