We Get To Have A Check Up With The World’s Hottest Vet

Back at the end of January of this year the internet was introduced to The World's Hottest Veterinarian!  There were pics of him posing with a variety of cute animals I think.  He was in the shot so I was focused on him.  The world seemed pretty thirsty for the Doc as his Instagram followers count is over 423,000 followers.   Head over to your January post here to see many more photos.  There's little words and lots of pics, just how we like it, or is that porn?

Well, like porn, we would love to see the good doctor in action. Veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin (yes he has a name besides "WOW") allows us to check in and check up with him 8 months after he went mega-viral.   Here's the latest from him, video form.




Yes, it was tragic that he doesn't play for our team, but we can still look.  And his fiancée seems nice. Sure. Let's go back and look at those guns and bites.

Keep up the good work doc.  You seem cool.  I am sure you do have a lot of lady fans, but you have some boy fans, too.  Let's see if we can get him above the 1/2 a million mark. 




h/t:   Dr. Antin's  InstagramFacebook

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