We Love A Good Nod To Our LGBTQ Community, Thanks Oscars!

How gay were the Oscars this year?  There were some great highlights of and for our LGBTQ Community, bringing applause, tears, rewinds and watch again, and awwwws. Here’s what jumped out at us.

Regina Hall, Amy Schumer, and Wanda Sykes opened up the Oscars with a couple of fun jokes and jabs but the largest applause came after Wanda brought up Florida and its education bill that goes too far and is labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill. 

At about the 5:15 mark of the video below, Sykes promised Florida audiences that the Oscars will be a gay night.


“We’re going to have a great night tonight, and for you people in Florida, we’re going to have a gay night,”

“Gay! Gay! Gay!” was chimed by all hosts and the audience responded with applause.




One of the first awards televised had Actor Ariana DeBose making history as the first Afro Latina and first openly queer woman of color to win an Academy Award for acting. DeBose won in the best supporting actress category for her performance reviving the iconic role of Anita in Steven Spielberg’s version of West Side Story

At the 2:00 minute mark in the video below, she moved us all with these words:

“Imagine this little girl in the back seat of a white Ford Focus. When you look into her eyes, you see an openly queer woman of color, an Afro Latina, who found her strength in life through art. And that’s what I believe we’re here to celebrate…”

“So to anybody who’s ever questioned your identity ever, ever, ever or you find yourself living in the gray spaces, I promise you this: There is indeed a place for us.”

So worth watching again and again.



During the presentation of the Best Original Screen Play, we see and hear Elliott Page take the stage with his fellow costars from Juno.  They are introduced at the 1:40 mark of the video below.  And we also get to see the always attractive Kenneth Branagh.

EDIT – Unfortunately ABC/Disney still has not posted it and the link we had went down, but you can go over to US Magazine to see the presentation.

There were a couple of times our community received a shout out for who we are and love is love and life gets better. None was more appropriate that from Jessica Chastain as she highlighted the acceptance that Tammy Faye gave to our community which most likely led to Faye’s lessening audience.

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After thanking the ever-yummy Andrew Garfield for being her costar, Chastain starts to talk about difficult times in the world, suicide, the LGBTQ Community, and acceptance (@1:50 mark in video below). 

“Right now we are coming out of some difficult times that have been filled with love, trauma, and isolation. And so many people out there feel hopelessness, and they feel alone, and suicide is a leading cause of death in the U.S. It’s touched many families. It’s touched mine and especially members of the LGBT community, who often feel out of place with their peers.

We’re faced with discriminatory and bigoted legislation that is sweeping our country with the only goal of further dividing us. There is violence and hate crimes being perpetrated on innocent civilians all over the world. And in times like this, I think of Tammy, and I’m inspired by her radical acts of love… I’m inspired by her compassion and I see it as a guiding principle that helps us forward.

For any of you out there who do feel hopeless or alone, I just want you to know that you are unconditionally loved for the uniqueness that is you.”




Eye Candy On The Red Carpet

ET Canada did a great round up of the Men’s Fashion on the red carpet.  We have our favorites. 

And we cannot forget about our Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart as she graces the carpet with her fianceé and slides in a cute kiss. 


Some of the gayest – gay iconic moments came at the beginning and the end of the show with Beyoncé and Lady Gaga. 

Beyoncé opened the awards with a performance of the Oscar-nominated song, “Be Alive,” at the Tragniew Park Tennis Courts in Compton, California, with appearances by Blue Ivy Carter, King Richard actresses, Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton, and the Compton Cowboys Junior Equestrians.


It was great to see Liza on stage with Gaga. The duo was there as Liza was celebrating the 50th anniversary of Cabaret. It was a little hard to watch honestly as Liza’s confusion was heartfelt.  ABC does not have this part of the show on their YouTube videos so we had to borrow it from somewhere else.

There was one award recipient that did than his husband, but I forgot. SORRY!

What else did we miss for gayest moments of the Oscars?  Let us know. 


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