We Love HBO’s “Here And Now” About A Gay Adoptee From A Multiracial Family

While many praise Netflix original shows like Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black as being cultural juggernauts, HBO is still hitting a few of its dramas out of the park.


From Game of Thrones to Insecure, HBO knows a thing or two about making crowd pleasing shows. With that, we’re hoping their latest drama will garner the huge crowd that it deserves.

Here and Now was created by Alan Ball, a writer/producer from Six Feet Under and True Blood, and stars Holly Hunter.

The start of the series follows Hunter’s character as she watches over her four adult-aged children. What’s also interesting is that three of said children were adopted from different countries (Colombia, Vietnam, and Senegal).

In a This is Us-like fashion, the show follows these characters (and Hunter’s on screen husband) through their largely different, yet intimately connected lives.


But why are we talking about the show with you all? Because one of the children, named Ramon and played by Daniel Zovatto, is gay. The series's first episode sees Ramon introducing his boyfriend to his mother with the line, "We put our dicks in each other.”

On top of that, Ramon is also dealing with both seeing things that aren’t actually there and his family's involvement in that progressing situation.

If you’re interested in watching this show, the trailer is down below. Plus, the first episode is already out on HBO for you to watch.

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