We Love The Bubble, But How Much Will We Pay For It?


What is the perfect you?  Some look for an internal happiness, satisfaction with your job, relationship with family and friends and health.  Others feel the perfect you needs to be defined by your external appearance.  Others look to model themselves after what they see as perfect in others and try to make that happen for themselves. 

One man recently has spent almost 6 figures and 100 or so surgeries to become the perfect person he wants to be. 




Here's a robotic yet appropriate report on Joey's surgeries.







50 X Botox for forehead, crows feet, brows, nose and chin

25 X Lip procedures

5 X Nose procedures

1 X Upper arm tattoo removal

1 X Under arm sweat gland removal

2 X Brow lifts

15 X Cheekbone fillers

1 X Bum implant procedures



So, what do you think? 

Can we be judgey and say hell no!  WTF are you doing to your body? 

Or are we supportive because this man is making himself into the man he wants to be?

Do we say it's his life and his money and his body and be happy for him?

How different is this than a woman getting breast implants?

I met this amazingly nice attractive man out one night.  We started talking about his training and his working out.  It came up that he was using steroids and that was his plan, to use and get as big as he could. I was like, okay, that's your choice.  It's your one life and you need to live it up.  I surprised myself with that response, that it was his choice to do steroids to alter his body. 

What are your thoughts on body transformation, may it be medicinal or surgical?


h/t: images and video from www.catersnews.com  , youtube.com

What do you think?