We Love Watching Them, But How Does He Like Filming Nude Scenes?

It’s difficult to scroll down your newsfeed these days and not see a post about Euphoria. If you’re one of those who’ve been intrigued and actually got pulled into watching the HBO series, you already know: there’s a lot of nude scenes in Euphoria.  

On an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jacob Elordi, who plays Nate Jacobs—whom Elordi describes as a ‘sweet, lovable, relatable, giant, 18-year-old psychopath,’ talks about baring it all on the Emmy award-winning drama. 


 “You’re naked a lot,” Ellen said. “How does that feel? […] Do they say, ‘Hey, how do you feel about being naked?’ or are you just all of a sudden surprised?” Ellen thought a woman would probably be asked about how they feel about doing nude scenes and wondered if Elordi has been extended the same considerations.  

Elordi replied: “You have no choice. It’s like, every scene is, he sleeps with this person, he does this with this person naked.” 

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Describing Nate as an ‘ultra-masculine macho jock,’ the type who he thinks ‘tend to go around pretty shirtless,’ Elordi adds: “It comes with the territory of the character.” 

While the actor looked comfortable enough undressing on screen, he reveals it doesn’t quite feel the same way doing it on-set, in front of people he considers family. “The crew has been the same for the first season through the second season, so it’s kind of like getting naked in front of your family,” said Elordi. “Which is weird. It’s always weird.” 


When it comes to filming the steamy bits, Euphoria puts in a bit more effort to make the actors feel at ease. Elordi explained that the show has an intimacy coordinator, Amanda Blumenthal, whom he sees as a ‘second mother.’ Elordi shares: She’s like, ‘Are you comfortable? Are you OK?’ To the point where you’re like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m fine.’ 

The filial comparisons suggest that everyone on the set is one big happy family. No wonder Elordi describes the whole situation as weird. Yikes! 

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  1. Funny how he’s not uncomfortable performing naked but throughout the interview with Ellen he’s a nervous wreck & can’t sit still for a moment!


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