We Need to Discuss The Epic Smoke Shows on ‘Survivor’ This Season

Maybe CBS and Survivor are catching onto something in the way they are casting. For the 35th season of the show, it is Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.  That's all and great, and the first three episodes have been quite entertaining for a show that's been on for nearly two decades now.  But here's the thing: the male castaways this season just might be the hottest this show has ever seen.  And I'm not the only one to pick up on it. 

I've discussed this before, especially with my particular love for firefighter JP and him wearing underwear that leaves little to the imagination (see here), and the fact that he got butt naked on the first episode to show that he doesn't have an idol was just the cherry on top of the beautiful cake.  But… even though he's amazing to look at, there are plenty others.

Let's break down my personal favorites.






Devon Pinto- Hustlers Tribe.

So, the hustlers have lost two members so far in the first three episodes.  Luckily, Devon is still there, and for good reason.  The California native is a surf instructor, which is even better because it means he's shirtless a lot.  Plus, his alliance with bellhop Ryan sort of gives hope to this Ryan (me) that I can get a guy like that, even if its to make it far in a game.



Alan Ball- Heroes Tribe.

Sure, Alan went a little crazy in the first episode as his paranoia ran rampant, but dude has a brick house of a body and is just sexy as hell to boot.  



John Paul "JP" Hilsabeck- Heroes Tribe.

When all else fails, go back to JP.  His tribemate Ashley is finally starting to catch on to his hotness, as its been evident all along.  Get yours, girl. 



Patrick Bolton- Hustlers Tribe.

If gingers are your thing, then Patrick is your guy.  His social skills are a bit all over the place, but he's lively, energetic and fun to look at.



Cole Medders- Healers Tribe.

Cole is simply beautiful, and adorable, and everything in between.  He's one of my favorites to win, and his fellow tribemate (and admitted virgin) Jessica is onto him as well.  

Are you watching Survivor this season?  Who is your favorite guy? 




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