We Need To Talk About Chris Underwood

Survivor: Edge Of Extinction’s Hottest Castaway!

OMG! I need to apologize for making you all wait a whole day for this next story, but my fingers have been swelling ever since I laid eyes on Survivor: Edge of Extinction’s best eye candy. Survivor, as we all know, is one of the “big three” in the reality television world along with Big Brother and The Amazing Race. In its almost two decades on air, Survivor has given us plenty of shirtless eye candy, men in briefs walking around an island like a live action fantasy, and unfortunately a sharp-tongued Republican, former The View co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck. We’ve been gawking over former Survivor castaways such as viral hot cop, Daniel Rengering, and Michael Yerger’s latest photoshoot, but I think we’re all in for the biggest surprise in this season’s newest hunk, Chris Underwood.



Underwood, 26, is a District Sales Manager from South Carolina. The accent…a regular, nine-to-five job…I am in heaven. Even if you’re not watching this current Survivor season, you can tell he’s buff and active. Unfortunately, according to his Instagram, he’s in a committed relationship (with a woman, sigh). If his new wave of reality television fame doesn’t go to his head, he would legit be the number one kind of husband material. But, history tends to repeat itself, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing much more of Underwood, in much less, circling the internet sometime soon. But, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been showing off his, ahem, meat already on television.



Like, what you’re about to see may shock you – so try not to be in public upon viewing. Because girl, I almost fainted. Underwood has to be the most hung guy to ever be on Survivor. After carelessly looking at photographs of the latest cast, I found screencaps of him in his boxer briefs and he’s hanging out, literally. I won’t go into exact detail about how much he’s packin’, so I’ll let you take a look at the screencaps and GIFs below and judge for yourself! Someone go grab me a damn bottle of water in the meantime!

Image via CBS

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