We Need to Talk About How Hot MTV Star Tyler Baltierra Is

I for one have never watched a single episode of MTV's Teen Mom or Teen Mom 2, primarily because I'm not the show's target audience and even though I look pregnant most of the time I'm actually not.

One of the guys from it, 26-year-old Tyler Baltierra, caught my eye recently when I noticed some of my gay friends commenting on what a hottie he is. Upon further inspection, I realized that they were 100 percent correct, as he seems to get a kick out of showing off his amazing physique on social media.

The background on Tyler is that he was part of MTV's show 16 and Pregnant with his now wife Catelynn Lowell (yes, sadly he's heterosexual). They later became part of the original cast of Teen Mom, which has become quite the cultural phenomenon over the past decade so much so that "alleged" homophobe Bristol Palin will be part of its upcoming season. 

Tyler has been updating his 2.5 million followers with his body progress, which has caused many of their thirst meters to completely topple over… and for good reason. Take a look below to see why he might be the hottest thing on MTV right now.





I am so beyond proud of these two! #FamilyIsEverything

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6 thoughts on “We Need to Talk About How Hot MTV Star Tyler Baltierra Is”

  1. Actually, there are rumors on

    Actually, there are rumors on the Teen Mom Reddit forums that Tyler might be bisexual.  He was flirting with some dudes down in New Orleans on one of the episodes & dresses SUPER gay.  He's also bipolar (unmedicated), treats his wife like crap & writes godawful poetry.  His dad & sister are stimulant addicts who just got out of rehab.  

  2. No one with that weird facial

    No one with that weird facial hair is attractive. He's like a pug that fell chin-first in mud… personified 


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