WE TV’s ‘The TS Madison Experience’ Validates Miami Native’s Stardom

Every couple of years, Pop Culture seems to give birth to a new Reality Superstar. From housewives franchises, to singing competitions – to straight up “do it yourself” YouTube personalities. This time around, that star seems to be reserved for the Trans Trailblazing, “Queen of the Internet” – TS Madison Hinton. With over 2 million social media followers (across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), the self proclaimed ‘Internet Icon’ shows no signs of slowing down on her journey to Superstardom.


The Miami native first garnered national attention in 2013 after she went viral following the release of one of her Vine clips, in which she shamelessly bragged about her new weave. The clip, appropriately titled “New Weave 22 Inches” – featured the former adult entertainer prancing around in the backyard of her Atlanta home, naked and shouting the aforementioned slogan.

The 43 year old “Maddie”, says despite her sex worker and adult entertainment background – she has dreams of being the first black trans woman to host a talk show.


“The Lord told me to stop selling my Pu**y and to start selling my Personality”.

In 2017, TS Madison along with rapper Khia (of the 2002 smash hit single “My Neck, My Back”), started their pop culture YouTube show The Queens Court – where they would mainly discuss Black pop culture. The show became an instant internet sensation with both ladies being cunningly witty and definitely not afraid to be bold and go for the low hanging fruit.

However, in early 2018 the two hosts found themselves at odd ends as they discussed the progression and the direction in which their show should head in. This lead to a major (and well documented) fallout between the two and the abrupt end of the show. But ever the entrepreneur, Maddie relaunched a solo show with a similar format – newly titled “The Queens Supreme Court”.


After the success of her solo internet show and podcast of the same name, TS Madison then began working with World of Wonder productions (who also produces RuPaul’s Drag Race and Million Dollar Listing). This eventually lead to appearances as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race and the production of her very own reality tv show on cable television.

The eponymous show, titled “The TS Madison Experience” – debuted on WE TV on Thursday, March 4th. The show follows the transgender social media sensation and her team as she navigates internet fame – and her journey to mainstream media. Maddie and her good judy Tiffany “New York” Pollard (who is featured on the show) – delivers laugh out loud humor and a ton of wisdom and life gems (courtesy of Maddie’s god -fearing mother, Mrs. Mary).


Social media influencer, YouTube star, former adult performer – however you want to label TS Madison, one thing is for certain. Her drive, tenacity and personality has definitely qualified her to be considered a Transgendered Trailblazer and she has earned everything that has been given to her.

The TS Madison Experience airs every Thursday at 10pm, on WE TV.

All images courtesy of TS Madison’s Instagram account.

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