Wear This for a Hotter, Healthier Relationship

A recent survey conducted by Cotton USA asked 1000 British people in relationships what they wear to bed and how happy they were in their current relationships. Survey says!—Couples who sleep in the nude had happier relationships, more sex and stronger bonds.

57% of those who reported sleeping naked said they felt happy, compared with 48% of pajama wearers.


Right now you're probably thinking, "Well, duh!"  But Manhattan-based therapist and relationship expert Amber Madison says there's a deeper reason that naked is better for you and your love monkey.

“Being naked in bed with your partner is physically and emotionally intimate,” she says. “It’s a way of showing, ‘I want to be close to you’ and a green light for sex. That intimacy and emotional and physical availability is what keeps a relationship strong in light of daily stressors and challenges.”

Turn offs in the survey (or as we say, "wood kills") included dirty clothes on the floor, clutter, eating in bed, pets in the bedroom, stealing the covers, leaving the bed unmade and wearing socks to bed.


Let us know what works best for you:

* Naked all the way!

* Super sexy underwear.

* Full on PJs with footies.


8 thoughts on “Wear This for a Hotter, Healthier Relationship”

  1. Sexy Undies all the way!
    Sexy Undies all the way! Gives my guy,whoever he may be, something to take off. Plus, who doesn’t like sexy superman briefs?!?! (And, of course, many other sexy undies!)

  2. Naked of course, EXCEPT in

    Naked of course, EXCEPT in the colder months, then I gotta have my socks.  It's been proven if your feet are warm you sleep better!!

  3. Naked…and fer god sake,

    Naked…and fer god sake, brush your teeth and if you need one – take a quick shower before sliding between the sheets.  Change the linens every now and then! Stanky linens are a definite turn off!

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  5. I have slept naked since I

    I have slept naked since I was about 14 years old. more comfortable and less binding.  I like to feel the closeness with my bed mate. 🙂

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