Website GayHomophobe Tells You All About Closeted Homophobes In Office

Across the internet, there are several services and websites out there to help inform and engage LGBTQ people and allies.


For this article, I wanted to share with you all this simple and cool site that gives you information about former closeted homophobes with political power.

As described on the website itself, GayHomophobe is a site that keeps records of people who had power, used it to push anti-LGBT rhetoric/laws, and turned out to be a closet case.

From Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey to Virginia Representative Ed Schrock, the site has a list of closeted hypocrites for us all to check out and read up on.


On top of having names and pictures of past offenders, there’s also more information like the date that they came out, how long it was before an earlier case of a homophobe coming out, whether coming out was their choice or if they were caught with their pants down, whether they’ve done a 180° and now support LGBTQ rights, and specific information pertaining to each situation.

Not only does the site keep these records for us all to read later, but it also tries to stay up-to-date with recent incidents of homophobic closet cases as well.

On top of that, the only money the site makes is from its ads. Then, 100% of those net proceeds go towards the charity Truth Wins Out. So, by clicking on ads you are helping a great cause, or you could just go straight to donating to Truth Wins Out here.

If you’re looking for a list of evidence that proves the old cliché “Homophobes are just a closet cases” right, then you can check out It’s a resource of information that’s ready to be at your disposal.

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