WeHo City Council Considers Eliminating Trump From Walk Of Fame!

WeHo City Council Considers Eliminating Trump From Walk Of Fame!

Is This What LGBTQ Cities Should Focus On?

I get it. We don't like the Trump Administration. Is anyone outside of the Red States truly feeling safe and sound with the guy in the White House operating our country? Obviously not. Like most of the LGBTQ community, I'm anticipating the day he is out of office: But please let that day not be one where I am forced to say President Pence *barf*. Yet, one of the nation's greatest LGBTQ cities is making their focus to bruise Trump's ego.

According to WeHoVille, the West Hollywood (California) City Council is considering a proposal to remove Trump's star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You might have heard that Trump's Star was recently destroyed, but this isn't necessarily a new story. We've heard of multiple attempts, and some successions, of his Star being vandalized and destroyed. Side Note: Trump has his Star because of producing the Miss Universe Pageant, not The Apprentice…I didn't know that! Anyway, WeHo Council Members John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath have brought upon the proposal. WeHo Ville explains the proposal: 

"A document explaining the proposal calls out Trump’s treatment of women, including his efforts to cover up allegations of abuse. “Similar to how certain members of the entertainment community have been removed from the Academy of Motion Pictures, due to their actions toward women, reflecting a stance on their values by the Academy, this is an opportunity for decision-makers to take a stand on their values in support of women and against disturbing treatment of women,” the document states. It also cites a number of other actions or statements by Trump such as withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, reversal of a policy to allow transgender people to serve in the military and the separation of migrant children from their parents at the U.S. border with Mexico, all of which “have not met the shared values of the City of West Hollywood, the region, state and country.”

To clarify: I don't want Trump in the White House. I'm not insane. However, as a resident in West Hollywood, I truly believe we have a lot more to worry about than eliminating Trump's Star off the Walk of Fame. On my block alone, I'm sometimes terrified to walk outside after 10PM due to the amount of homeless people who are now sleeping on my street and harassing me spewing gay slurs. Eliminating Trump's Star will only further engage the culture war brewing and just simply isn't smart. What is the point of this proposal? Is it simply to bruise Trump's ego to no avail? I'd appreciate if my neighborhood would actually be safer for my fellow gay citizens and tax payers. 

Do you believe the WeHo City Council should move forward in their proposal to eliminate Trump's Star on the Walk of Fame?

This article was inspired by WeHoVille.

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