Welcome Madame Secretary; Hillary Clinton Visits The “Watch What Happens Live” Clubhouse

With a brand new Hulu documentary (the astoundingly amazing Hillary) dropping today, former First Lady/New York Senator/2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton has been making the media rounds. From an extended and extremely personally revealing talk with Howard Stern to a fun loving talk with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Clinton has pulled back the curtain on the image of who she is and simply has been willing to have fun with the people that are interviewing her. This was no more evident than in her chat with Andy Cohen last night on a much ballyhooed episode of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live

Watch What Happens live consistently manages to be a hybrid type of show that features both celebrities as well as the Bravo-lebrities that fans of the network adore, and the show itself is always game-filled and lighthearted. With that in mind, Secretary Clinton came to play. She played the WWHL staple Plead The Fifth, where she was asked about everything from Melania Trump’s bullying initiative to “which world leader  has the worst breath” (spoiler alert: she didn’t plead the fifth). 

She dove in on various rumors that have been long been following her from the ridiculous (adopting an alien baby?) to the the very possible (was she going to run for New York City Mayor)?

And yes, the candidate who won the popular vote in the 2016 election did dip her toe into the ravaging waters of current politics. She has spoken to several of the 2020 Democratic candidates, she is unsure of what is going on with the current White House resident’s hair, and she offered up her views on Madame Speaker Pelosi’s iconic tear of the President’s recent State of the Union address

Mrs. Clinton showed that she was definitely up to pay homage to some of our favorite drag performers, as Trinity The Tuck, Pepppermint and Alaska all came out in various eras of Hillary Clinton-drag and received raucous applause from the former Secretary of State.


It was during the After Show though, the Secretary Clinton truly dropped some of her best knowledge. From how she handles constant criticism to the best risky decision she had ever made, Clinton remains one of the most intriguing, polarizing, and inspirational figures in the world today. 

Check out the trailer for Hillary here: 

Watch What Happens Live airs weeknights on Bravo (check local listings)

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