Well This Is A New Way To Protest Against Mask Mandates

photo credit: thegailygrind.com

Here is something you don’t see every day. A man was spotted walking the London streets wearing only a G-string. A G-string shaped like a mask. Why you may ask? 


Tim Shieff, 32, a former “American Ninja Warrior” contestant, came up with a new way to protest against mask mandate laws. According to The Gaily Grind, the “stunt was designed to mock new coronavirus laws which make the wearing of face masks compulsory, a move he claims is

“a step too far.”

The Connecticut-born Shieff has a history of “stunt” protests. As earlier reported in The Daily Mail, “he is a world champion free runner and vegan YouTube sensation, according to the Daily Mail, and known for stunts like admitting to eating meat despite railing against eating animals.”


Shoppers along Oxford street did not know what to make of the man naked except for a mask covering his “unit”. Photos were taken by passerby’s. Looks of delight, shock, and wonder were all over their faces. Whether or not you approve of his reasoning and agree with him (for the record I don’t) he found a new, creative way to voice his dissent of the ever-changing mandates. {Ever changing because science is fluid, if mandates change it is because we learn more. THIS IS NOT YOU BEING LIED TO.}


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15 thoughts on “Well This Is A New Way To Protest Against Mask Mandates”

  1. Literally year-old news. (Check the date on the Tweet.)

    But, to Instinct, a “new way” to protest mask mandates.

    (Rolls eyes.)

  2. I came across this thread accidentally. Regardless, as an Emeritus Medical Anthropogist and infectious disease specialist; I’m ethically compelled to inform readers that mRNA vaccines for Corona viruses have been heavily researched for over a decade decade. So, far two doses of mRNA vaccine are generally safe and FAR outweigh the risk of serious complications due to SARS CoV2! I’ve been witness to dozens of patients who plead for the vaccine prior to intubation and when their lungs are 90 per cent filled with “pus.” I too was initially apprehensive about vaccines. I was scared. 6 months out, both my husband and me are doing fine. This virus WILL keep evolving in the bodies of the unvaccinated! At some point, vaccines may fail. My take is that “personal freedom” ends where the right to live begins. I have a social responsibility to care for others. Even for those who will not care for themselves. A history of small capillary leakage (rare) is a contraindication for mDNA vaccines like J&J. There are few others. Of course, we’re seeing breakthroughs with emerging hypervirulent variants. I’m NOT seeing the vaccinated die! That’s a life and death difference. Please do not fall for the hyperbolic bullshit! Get the vaccine ASAP. It may well be our only hope. Doc Vincent

  3. Nothing between his legs? That’s why he overcompensates with weightlifting and builds up his chest. Classic ‘muscle-man’ strategy.

  4. guess what? the vaccine is experimental. but so Is the treatment drugs to attack COVID. so. do you take the experiment before? or do you take it after you are in a ventilator??? the choice is yours. i took the experimental drug before and now I am protected!

    • It’s experimental in name only and will get approved, as soon as the FDA required documentation is completed. Over 200,000,000 people have received these vaccinations. What other proof do you need? I guess you’re another Covidiot who has a death wish.

  5. In the He-Certainly-Gets-Points-for-Consistency department, it makes perfect sense for a nitwit who drones on about “aligning yourself with God” to take this particular action!

  6. So showing humility before God is reflected in running around mostly nude is acceptable. What a load of crock. He’s just an attention whore.

  7. Little mask for a little package. Completely unattractive guy! At least he is dressed appropriately for when he needs a ventilator. If he gets sick and dies, it’s on him, zero fucks.


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