Wendy Calls Madonna ‘Old Grandma, Booed-Up With A 25-Year-Old’

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The last time I wrote an article on Wendy Williams, it was to call her out for ageist comments she made after Madonna’s much-celebrated live Billboards Awards performance of ‘Medellin’ with handsome, young Colombian music star Maluma. As the world mostly applauded the performance as a significant return to prominence for the Queen of Pop, Williams was not so impressed.

On her day time talk show, Williams used her Hot Topics segment to refer to Madonna as ‘moving like ‘an old lady’ and being ‘dragged around by her dancers like a dirty dishrag.’ Unnecessarily nasty comments even if Williams didn’t like the performance itself.


So here we are again. As you may have seen in the media, last week, Madonna was spotted on the balcony of a Miami Hotel, having a total PDA moment with her sexy, young male backup dancer, reportedly age 25. Madonna is 61.

When I saw the pictures, my only reaction was YAAAAAAAS MADGE! GET YOURS! Wendy Williams, of course, interjected her usual vitriolic brand of shade into the fray with the following nonsense as reported by the celebrity gossip site Hollywoodlife:

“He is three years older than her daughter, Lourdes. They’re all on the same vacation, and there’s old Grandma booed up with a 25-year-old,” Wendy said during Hot Topics on her December 16 show. “Here’s what I feel about stuff like that because when I go out, I get the side-eye from young boys. But, here’s the thing, it’s supposed to be a one night stand, if that — not a boyfriend,” she declared.

Again, Wendy is out here hurling low-brow, easy, low-hanging-fruit ‘grandma’ insults. Let’s be clear, first, none of Madonna’s kids have kids, so as of NOW, Madonna is nobody’s Grandma. Second, Wendy is no spring chicken herself, and considering her recent headlines dealing with the foolishness on her own homefront, she is in no position to be talking about what another woman is doing in the bedroom – even if that woman is Madonna.


The alleged backup dancer she was seen locking lips with is named AhaMalik, and I think this is him boarding Madonna’s private Helicopter:


There’s a level of misogyny and ageism in William’s comments that is quite unsettling. For a woman to denigrate and devalue another woman’s worth, based on age, is what men have been doing to women through the centuries. So this is where we are now? Wendy Williams continuing the sentiment and doing the sexist bidding in 2019?

Williams also threw in her usual backhanded compliments too, stating that “Madonna looks great for 61” … “you can see the fillers, but she looks great.” Such a nasty comment is staggering, coming from a woman walking around with breast implants the size of the Hindenburg.


Look, men throughout the ages have continued to age as their selected lovers, wives, and mistresses get younger and younger. Now, in the age of the ‘cougar,’ older women are finally getting their groove on with much younger men. And why not? It should be embraced as a thing of liberation for women, not a double standard to be scorned – and especially by another female.

Git yo’ life Madonna Gurl!!! Git it!

h/t: HollywoodLife

5 thoughts on “Wendy Calls Madonna ‘Old Grandma, Booed-Up With A 25-Year-Old’”

  1. I agree Wendy’s comments are so slanted against a more successful, well respected person in her craft. All Williams has to fall back on is her ability (Inability?) To do nothing but report on those living life, not on the sidelines but being a critic. She should devote more time to buying silicone for her ass, and less for her chest.

  2. I thought Madonna died a few years ago. Madonna has always stirred the pot in social media on whom she spreads her legs wide open for. I could care less for this female I just wish the female know as Madonna had some, you know, talent. Instead of just using sex (insert Brittney Spears kiss) to promote her brand. In my house we dont say the word f@)k here. We say Madonna. Or, Barbara Streisand.

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