Wendy Williams Is Not Down With Lesbian Rumors

Wendy Williams (screen capture)

During a lengthy rant on her daily gabfest on Tuesday, Wendy Williams declared in no uncertain terms she is not a lesbian because “I like men and I like the D.”

Williams was apparently addressing a recent Radar Online piece – “Sorry Whitney! Houston’s Lesbian Lover Robyn Crawford Now BFFs With Wendy Williams” – that seemed to imply the talk show host had been crushing on Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston’s alleged lesbian lover.


Radar based the report on Rob Shuter’s podcast, Straight Shuter, where gossip guy Shuter opined that Crawford and Williams “really hit it off” during Crawford’s November 12 appearance on the talk show promoting her new book, A Song for You: My Life With Whitney Houston.

“Since the taping, Wendy and Robin have been texting each other,” read the Radar article. “They have become close and are getting dinner next week.”

Williams came across the insinuating chatter and took it to the cameras.

“In between commercials and everything, I go on the googler schmoogler and I go to Radar Online, speaking of how you doin’, and I see that Rob Shuter – he’s insinuating that something romantical is going on between me and Robyn Crawford,” Williams shared as the studio audience chuckled.


“I am no lesbian, I like women for friendship. I like men and I like the D,” said Williams before reaching for her coffee cup.

Underscoring her point, Williams added with a playful tone, “First of all, I’m not down with that – all due respect to the lesbians.”

Williams, who recently divorced her husband of nearly 22 years,  also pointed out Crawford is married with children and Miss Wendy is “not a homewrecker.”

“I’ve never even been curious,” she made a point to include.


“It’s so complicated being a woman,” Williams said. “I just couldn’t imagine two of us in a relationship.”

“I mean, yesterday after the show, I got the surprise of my life – at 55, I got a period,” said the recent divorcee in a bit of oversharing. “I just can’t deal with two of us under the same roof,” she said.

It seems like quite the robust denial, but maybe she was short on material for her ‘Hot Topics’ segment?

You can watch the bit in the clip below.


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