Wendy Williams Passes Out On Air!

HOW IS SHE DOIN?! Let’s Examine!

Television talk show host and Hot Topic juggernaut, Wendy Williams, fainted on live television! Williams is open about her past issues with drugs, so immediately social media has been all over this. I refuse to post some of the comments for their ignorance, but it doesn’t take but a moment to see a handful of them. Williams’ faint is very serious. Check out the nerve racking clip below:



Okay, that doesn’t look like she just fainted and it certainly doesn’t look like an act. Williams lost her ability to speak, grabbed at her head, and looked as if she had a stroke or seizure on her stage. I’m sure all of the obnoxious hooting and hollering from her ruthless, petty audience – or as she refers to them: Co-Hosts – weren’t helping either!

I’m a ride or die Williams fan. I watch her show every day and I repeat her best bits on the weekends. She’s a friend in my head. Today was not the Williams I’m accustomed to seeing. OH goodness, this story and the impending speculation is just messy all around. I’m aware she hates being a hot topic, but Wendy, allow me to walk in your shadow and decipher what could be happening.

First, it’s Halloween. Each year, she gets dressed up as something festive and has her entire audience does the same. It’s a running theme with every talk show, Williams would look weird if she didn’t participate in the Holiday. So, she dresses up as the Statue of Liberty, possibly aligning herself with America, which is telling during this political climate. But yes, rather than being in one of the outfits from her Home Shopping Network Collection, she’s in a costume. Like, what a terrible day for this to happen.


Williams made it through her infamous Hot Topics segment and works towards interviewing Jerry O’Connell who shows up dressed as Kylie Jenner. O’Connell seems to dress in drag a little too much for my liking. Either he’s gay baiting or he really enjoys being in women’s clothing, which one we are fine with and one we dislike (bait bait bait). Not only does O’Connell come out in drag – which is fine – he puts on an act and pretends to be Kylie and her sisters, Kim and Khloe Kardashian. He even takes a jab at Khloe being, possibly a man(?), by giving her a deeper voice during his impersonations. O’Connell’s awful interview and unfunny act almost gave me a seizure, so I can only imagine how off his interview must’ve made Williams feel. If you can stomach it, check out their interview below:

Moving on, Williams has Spooky Animals on her show. She requests the audience to be silent due to the noise making the animals afraid. A scorpion, snake, and various other animals are brought on stage. Wendy performs perfectly fine – she doesn’t miss a beat during this segment. Yet, the gruesome conversation with O’Connell is probably wearing on her mind.

Next, ugh – this is where it all goes south. Williams brings O’Connell on stage again to sit with her during her “Ask Wendy” segment, during which, Williams does her best to give advice to her co-hosts who request it. Well O’Connell, in drag yet again, is now seen as Melania Trump – adding another terrible accent and performance to his resume. Throughout this segment, Williams looks sweaty and frustrated – especially with having someone being annoying over her shoulder. It’s clear she isn’t really feeling it. The full clip is below for your viewing pleasure:




Then, the big faint happens. Social media comes ablaze and Williams’ is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. As my friends and family know how much of a Williams fan I am, I received over 20 tags, texts, and messages regarding Williams. At the end of the day, I hope she is recovering quickly. But, it looks like this story isn’t finished – which leads me to believe there is more to be said than she just “fainted." She takes to social media to say:



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Williams finishes her Halloween posts with a video from home. She’s surrounded by Gatorade, Pedialyte, and water.


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Williams claims:

“I’m home and hydrating. And, I’ll definitely be there tomorrow with the rest of the story.”

Is Williams about to drop some heavy information on us tomorrow? Story? If she simply just fainted, there wouldn’t be much of a story. Hmm…

Looks like we’ll find out tomorrow. In the meantime, what’s your Instinct!?

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