Wendy Williams Plans To Return On October 4th

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Allegations Of Alcohol Abuse, Covid-19, & Mental Health Issues Strain Williams’ Return To Television

One of the greatest parts of Fall for all television aficionados is the return of daytime talk shows which provide us with the hottest gossip, intriguing interviews, and all-around fun for viewers and bloggers alike as we get blips of backstage and on-screen drama. Unfamiliar with being one of the hottest of topics, daytime talk show legend, Wendy Williams, has once again found herself back in the headlines as she recently postponed the return of her talk show to early October due to reportedly being diagnosed with a breakthrough case of COVID-19, despite being allegedly fully vaccinated, and also allegedly having mental health issues. After her diagnose with COVID, she was allegedly triggered to the point where she had to be hospitalized for psychological evaluation. It was a voluntary admission to the hospital and thankfully her Coronavirus symptoms were asymptomatic, but of course this delayed her return to the purple chair and had tabloids and paparazzi alike making presumptions as she has previously taken leave of absences from her talk show due to personal issues. With her hospitalization, the streets have been questioning whether Williams’ issues are secretly the underlying reason for her not wanting to appear on television now and perhaps they could be correct.


According to The Daily Mail, just before her hospitalization, Williams was allegedly binge drinking daily and in need of serious help just before she received positive COVID results. She had canceled filming any promotional materials for the show, like introductions, sound bites, etc. Allegedly, however, she had filmed some previously and allegedly was drinking or drunk amid tapings. Allegedly, Williams’ coworkers and employees all knew she had been drinking, but no one said anything to her. Williams’ 2019 leave saw a variety of celebrity guest hosts takeover her talk show as she dealt with personal issues and resided in a sober living situation, but allegedly that’s the last time she has been sober as she allegedly continues to drink daily and is worrying her staff on the status of their employment/her talk show. Tommy Williams, her younger brother, noted that his big sister is doing ‘hanging in there’ and fighting.

According to Page Six, one person who appears to be reveling in Williams’ hardships is her lousy, scheming, cheating, ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, who had time to post on social media while raising a toddler with his once mistress-turned-girlfriend. Hunter seemingly gloated today, as it’s his birthday week, claiming that “Bday vibes all week. I tried to tell [th]em, Health is wealth…not money. God said ‘They’ll learn’.” Immediately, Williams’ watchers took this to heart, knowing that it was a dig at the talk show host and her messy divorce with him, including ousting him as executive producer of her show.

The sweet spot that even the most vocal of Williams’ haters have is the love and relationship she shares with her twenty-one-year-old son, Kevin Hunter JR. We’ve cried with her in years past as she spoke on their strained mother/son relationship and celebrated when the teenage angst wore off and their love evolved into the relationship most of us either have or wish we had with our maternal figures. However, it appears her son is allegedly now worried for his mother more than before. According to The Sun, Williams’ son is serving her some tough love as he ‘will not be in her life’ until she gets help to fix herself. Interestingly, The Sun reports the same source is making allegations that her ex-husband isn’t necessarily the bad guy in the overall situation as he was protecting the world from Wendy and Wendy from the world, as no one would like to see her true colors. Hmm…sounds suspicious…but you can take it for what it’s worth.

Those who have experienced Coronavirus first-hand certainly understand the awful affects it can not only harm to your body, but also your mind. The forced isolation and fear of touching anything, being around anyone, the list goes on – is enough to drive even the calmest into anxiousness. Covid, quarantine, mask and vaccine mandates, death, unemployment, and all that we as a global community have been through over the last year has been exceptionally challenging and led many of us to our breaking points. Combining this with preexisting troubles with addiction to alcohol, narcotics, depression, and other mental health issues is a recipe for disaster. It may be easy to poke fun or judge, but if you’ve been in any of these situations either by experience or proxy, you understand the severe struggle it is to simply get up in the morning and try. At this point, whether you disagree with her schtick or are Williams biggest fan, its paramount to cheer someone on when they are experiencing life as a living hell. Here’s to Williams getting back on board to being herself again and showing us that incredible work ethnic that got her behind in the purple chair so she can sit there and dish. If she’s not, clearly, as noted previously when she’s taken prior absences, someone else will.


The Wendy Williams Show is currently set to air the next season in two weeks on October 4th. Will you be tuning in with a snack in hand?

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