Wendy Williams: The Movie Drops Trailer!


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Williams’ Upcoming Lifetime Biopic Will Cover Drug Abuse, Infidelity, And THAT On-Air Faint


Back in 2019, the queen of Hot Topics, Wendy Williams, announced that her favorite cable network, Lifetime, was pushing out a documentary about her life and a biopic about her long journey. This news came after she faced a very public divorce to her former, second husband, Kevin Hunter, when tabloids discovered he had a baby while married to her. Williams is holding onto the narrative of the film as Executive Producer, so we already can seemingly put together the entire film from her previous stories and ramblings she does every day in front of the cameras. While it may be a bit too early in her career for a biopic, she clearly isn’t stopping any time soon, fans and social media are without a doubt going to be tuned in when it airs in January 2021. Finally, we have a trailer for Williams’ biopic, simply titled, Wendy Williams: The Movie, and this is seriously beyond quality for a Lifetime movie and we’re in for an absolute treat.

In the short minute tease, we learn that Williams’ larger than life person will be played by relative newcomer, Ciara Payton. Payton has been shaped to like the hilarious “letter P” Williams jokes herself to be. We begin with a glimpse into Payton as Williams behind the microphone of a radio show, claiming that she isn’t going anywhere as she progresses into infamously interviewing Whitney Houston, asking if she’s still on drugs. Long time Williams’ fans will be happy to see we’re getting a great story of rise from her radio days to walking into conference boardrooms and eventually, meetings with staff at her current talk show. But, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops, because Williams is also touching on her relationship with her devious ex, Hunter, portrayed by Morocco Omari. The parodied version of Hunter is seen causing chaos in a staff meeting as well as hyping up Williams as he woos other women. Their divorce and his infidelity will be included in the two-hour biopic, along with Williams’ battle with drug addiction. If you’re a loyal Wendy Watcher, you know she’s going to give it to us good. Check out the trailer for yourself below.

Wendy Williams: The Movie premieres on Lifetime on January 30th, 2021. What snack are you going to have while watching?

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