Wentworth Miller Photo Has People Talking Again About Pride.

A recent photo of Wentworth Miller has been circulating around the Internet that has sparked a little bit of debate. 

Prison Break Star said to #HeteorsexualPrideday that GAY PRIDE was not born out of a need to celebrate being GAY! STRAIGHT PEOPLE should be thankful they don't need one! 

One respondantwas very agreeable with the post saying "We are."  See his conversation with others below (click on image for larger view) or go to http://imgur.com/B6DcsIi

We all know that Straight Pride can exist if it wants to. We should not limit the free speech of people, even if they are wrong. All we can do is educate, which we think is the intention of the shirt quote.

One reddit commentor on the shirt had this to say about a possible spelling error:

Looks like both would be correct.  We are prosecuted and persecuted.

Once concern I had with this photo of Wentworth in this shirt and so many other pics that have been circulating with celebrities in other pride oriented shirts is … are they real?

Wentworth did post this quote or a version of it back in 2016.

So I guess we are not putting words in his mouth per se.  But the photo shop quality of the pic is very poor.

Throughout pride, I've seen too many celebrities in shirts with sayings photo shopped on them.  For example, the Obamas.

They and others, like Neil Patrick Harris, have been seen in or holding wrinkle free shirts all spring and summer. Is it too hard to get them into a real shirt instead of relying on photo shop to make us believe they support us?  I get free stuff often from alcohol companies, tourism boards, clothing companies.  If people can reach out to little ol' me, they can reach out to some of the more powerful people and send them a free shirt to wear.

What we should be doing is sharing more of the great shirts that people are really wearing with messages that we kow they support, wrinkles and all.  Let's stop the photo shopping and promote people that are truly wearing shirts out in the community with the messages we support, not fake creations on a computer.






What do you think?