We’re Calling It: Robyn’s Glorious New Music Was Totally Worth the Eight-Year Wait

Swedish pop star Robyn’s last full-length album Body Talk is one of the best pop records so far this century. After eight years, she’s finally releasing a follow-up.


The elusive track “Honey” was first teased to fans on an episode of Girls over a year ago. Finally, Robyn released the eponymous second single from her new album. It’s undeniably a softer sound for the songstress. And it’s damn beautiful. Worth the near-decade of waiting time, the sexy and tantalizing, melodically hypnotizing electronic dance track puts the work of nearly all of the pop tarts in the Top 40 today to shame. She can create emotional soundscapes out of digital blips and bleeps like no other.

Here a glorious sample below. You can listen to the entire track on Spotify. 




Yesterday, Robyn released the album's entire tracklist to Twitter, saying “This is the track list for the album. I’ve had it ready it ready for months, so strange how it came together even before or the songs were finished. Never had that happen before; more or less in the order that I wrote them.”

  1. Missing U
  2. Being Human (featuring Zhala)
  3. Because It’s in the Music
  4. Baby Forgive Me
  5. Send to Robin Immediately
  6. Honey
  7. Between the Lines
  8. Beach 2K20
  9. Ever Again

Come get your honey. The album drops Oct. 26. 

Do you think this album will live up to Body Talk? Could it possibly be even better? Let us know what you think of Robyn's new music in the comments. 

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