We’re Gagging Over Deadpool Dancing To Celine Dion In Heels

Bless Ryan Reynolds and the marketing team for Deadpool.

Throughout his career, Ryan Reynolds has been known as a funny guy. But, only since he truly embraced his comedic side has he found his niche in Hollywood.

Part of the first Deadpool film’s success was because of the movie’s wonderfully creative marketing. From emoji billboards to cabin hubby posters, the comedic genius and creativity of Reynolds and his team shined brightly.

Now that the sequel film is just around the corner, Reynolds is giving us one last jab of viral bound bliss by releasing another promo on Twitter (and he’s doing it in heels).

Earlier this morning, Ryan Reynolds shared a video on Twitter that at first seems like a performance by Canadian singing sensation Celine Dion. But after a few moments of watching, viewers realized they were getting a Deadpool treat.

This is just the latest in a long stream of funny and creative trailers and viral videos used to promote the superhero film. All of it aligns with the brand and vision that the bounty hunter-and-sometimes-hero had in the comic books.

You can check out a few other funny videos that reference pop culture icons like Bob Ross and Toy Story down below.

Deadpool 2 arrives in American theaters on May 15.

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