We’re In Love With The Sassy And Gay Netflix Canada Twitter Account

Does Netflix have a gay account? It looks like it.

The Netflix Canada Twitter account has declared itself the gay account for all of us to love and enjoy, according to Hornet.

One random Twitter user was curious why they were seeing two different Twitter accounts for the company, Netflix and Netflix Canada.

The real reason is because Netflix has Twitter accounts for several countries where it streams. This includes a UK account, an India account, and a Canada account.

But the Netflix Canada account had a much more interesting answer for Twitter users, “Because we’re the gay one.”



While that may seem like a funny and random comment, it seems like whomever is running that social media account is committed to keeping that persona.

On the Twitter bio, the account is described as a, “dedicated Cate Blanchett and Choni fan account. The gay Canadian one.”

Not only does the account celebrate an identity as “the gay Canadian one,” but it also openly professes its love of lesbian Riverdale couple Choni? Ok, you've got us.

It seems the fun only starts there though, as the account is full of witty humor that just solidifies that a gay man is driving the wheel behind the screen.

















We love you, Netflix Canada.

h/t: Hornet

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