We’re Loving Taylor Bennett’s Message Of Self-Love

Image via Instagram @taylorbennett & Status Magazine

Taylor Bennett is sharing self-love and we’re here for it.

When Taylor Bennett isn’t tied to his older brother of Chance The Rapper, he’s making a name for himself as an openly bisexual artist, businessman, and father. And in the past few years since he came out, Bennett has focused on a message of self-love.


Last year, Bennett released the song “Be Yourself” to talk about fighting through struggles, trusting yourself, and coming out on top. You can see this in some of his lyrics for the song, found below:

“I told ’em be yourself fast, you gotta scream to the masses
And n****s still call me f****t, but b***h my shit lookin’ fabulous
You can tell by the back I get mommy’s names on the addresses
You portray what a savage is, I invade them, enslave
Until my debt is repaid and then blast the shit, I ain’t cappin’ or Catholic
I’m an outstanding Afro-American bisexual havin’ shit
Change your dreams if they average
If your workplace is adamant, how the fuck it ain’t accurate?”


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Of course, Bennett has also been sharing that message in his merch. He created a series of t-shirts and hoodies to carry the message to love yourself and life.





Bennett has also been keeping that message in his own life. From being open about his sexuality while still being a family man to celebrating his fitness journey. All of it is real. And all of it is him. And we’re thankful for him sharing all of it. Good and bad. Because no matter what, there’s someone out there who’s living the same thing and needs to know they aren’t alone.

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