We’re Loving These Imitation Pics Of Tom Holland’s GQ Photoshoot

Photo Credit: GQ Magazine

A fan of Tom Holland’s imitated his hot GQ photoshoot from last year, and we’re loving it (mostly, cause it reminded us of the Tom Holland shoot).

If you missed it, the Spider-Man: Homecoming and Avengers: Infinity War star worked along with GQ Magazine to create the nearly shirtless masterpieces below.

In between taking pics, Holland spoke with GQ about his experience of finding out that he had become the famous web slinger.

At the time, Holland found out that he got the role after reading about it on Instagram. While he was initially overjoyed, Holland’s brother reminded him of the Sony hacks and told him to be cautious of getting too excited. Luckily for Holland, it wasn’t a hack that spread the information, but a leak.

"So I think before it looked like a leak, Marvel did a big press release to make it look like they had released it. Though obviously I've just kiboshed those plans by telling you!" 

Ever the optimist, Holland shared the bright side of the situation.

"I was lucky to get the huge excitement out of the way, then have a calm, collected conversation with my new bosses."

Now, almost an exact year after that GQ photoshoot and interview, a fan of Tom Holland’s had a photoshoot of her own to mimic Holland’s photos.

Tori Bernal is a youtuber who decided to have some fun by mimicking the GQ photos.

To caption the imitation photoshoot, Bryanne wrote on Twitter, “My version of fan art, I recreated @TomHolland1996 ‘s GQ photoshoot.” She then asked her followers to also tag Holland in hopes that he’ll see the pictures and comment on them.

While Holland hasn't commented on the pictures yet, we hope he'll at least see them and get a little chuckle.

At the least, we appreciate Tori Bernal’s photoshoot and are crossing our fingers that this becomes a trend. Anyone else want to post mimic photos of Holland’s GQ shots (sans shirt)?


It seems that Tom Holland did end up seeing the viral mimick pictures and eventually did meet up with Tori Bernal.

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