We’re Perusing Our Instagram To See Who’s Tagging @instinctmagazine

I personally often get tired of seeing the same ol’ same ol’ stars/celebrities/peeps having their Instas shared over and over.  I like to see new fresh faces, ones that give me a smile, allow me to ponder, and ones that inspire.

Thumbing through our Instagram tagged tab, it helps me meet some of these new faces, to see what presents people have left us. Here are some of the Instagrammers that decided to follow us and tag us on Instagram: @instinctmagazine that we wanted to share with you.

Eddy Araujo: @ednnardo

“From Brazil living in USA Los Angeles ( conhecendo o World )”  That is all we needed to read for this yummy import to the United States.  As I am typing this up at work, I’m loving looking at this sex on a stick’s pics. The second one we’re going to share just oozes cuteness, confidence, and oh myness. For a treat, go check his page out and look for the boomerang of him in a yellow bathingsuit. 

Paige Turner: @paigeturnernyc

Taste the rainbow indeed.  Paige Turner is worth a look. Although she went a little overboard with the purple today, heck, she’s a drag queen.  Is there an overboard?


Timur Tugberk: @timurdc

We need some creative consulting from Tim.  Will he travel from DC to give us some pointers?  Fortunately for us, we can look at his Insta posts for some idea. He’s got the cred since he was nominated as one of the best local influencers in DC.  I love it when people get all artistic with their post history. 


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Happy #NationalComingOutDay (story below) . Wow, I cannot believe it is YET ANOTHER #ComingOutDay 🌈🤩✨ and oh how #PROUD I am to be a part of this #lgbtq family we are! 🏳️‍🌈 To all of you going through insecurities around your identity or confidence, are struggling with where you fit in, please know that you are not alone, we are all here together, we support how you want to feel and express, and we will not turn our backs on you. That is what it means to be #LGBT and if any of you need to talk it out, I am available on DM 😊 . It has been about 20 years since I came out of the closet 😳 and coming out as #gay back then was not the easiest or understood proclamation … in fact, it was kinda terrible… . Like many of us, I have quite the #comingoutstory 🤭 … rewind to the turn of the century, the millennium (Y2K) if you will. TRL was still the thing to do after school or aspire to attend, @britneyspears & @nsync were still leading the charts, and @jlo’s waiting for tonight video was the hottest, new hit! I remember connecting with Music Videos as I felt artists were able to truly express themselves however Da*FuQ they wanted, and I felt I aspired to be able to express myself no matter how I chose to, without hesitation, fear of judgement or violence, and acceptance (like my faves on MTV). . During the late 90’s, the HIV/AIDS epidemic was still plaguing our community … fear and stigma were near close to accurate, although advancements in medications were finally preserving those infected and permitting long, healthy lives … the world did not see it this way. Shows like @WillAndGrace and #QueerAsFolk were quite scandalous, as was @Ellen’s HUGE live self outing on her very popular show. . Collective sensitivity, or hyper-sensitivity, as we behave or see the (Liberal) world today, was not a thing. Slight racism, classisms, and tolerable mistreatment and misconducts were very accepted … like saying “OMG, that’s SO GAY!” In response to potentially something more effeminate that a “MAN DOESN’T DO” … bullshit like that. It made existing as a teenager almost UNBEARABLE and SUFFOCATING (this is how I felt). .

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Richard but I’ll take Dick: @theonlyjmv

Yes, we’ve had National Coming Out Day and today is Spirit Day, but there are other anniversaries and celebrations out there that are as equally as life changing and should be noticed.  Richard tagged us in this first post below as he shares is sobriety anniversary!  Gay or straight, addictions don’t discriminate. I am sure we all have a friend that has had such a struggle.  They need our support and our recognition, too.

One thing Richard is not kicking the habit of is showing his assets on his Instagram.  Oh, it’s good, and you should go check them out.  But we’ll leave you with some of his hustling moves. Is that how he keeps those things so round?

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Really though, if I could sum up 4 years of continuous sobriety in one picture, it’d be this one. I tried not smile so hard for this photo, but every time I pressed the timer, I started laughing and tears of joy welled up in my eyes. I’m four years sober today and I never knew what would happen if I stopped drinking or drugging until I actually stopped. Life seems to surprise me one day at a time. They say, “don’t quit before the miracle,” and every day brings a new miracle which is a gift of staying in the present. I’ve never done anything perfectly, but this is the most consistent thing I’ve done in my entire life and I have my life today thanks to being sober. #mysoberlife #gayandsober #soberman #soberliving #grace #gratitude #kissmeImsober #sober #miracle

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Dude Kembro: @allamericanjock

Someone snatched up @allamericanjock and it is very deserving. Not only does he look like an all American man, he is well-rounded in other areas.  If you look at his Instagram profile, you’ll see some great pics of his travels, you’ll also see his link to a Soundcloud clip.  We enjoyed it. Have a listen!

B.A. Film (USC) | Singer/Actor (Pantheon Talent)
M.A. Psychology (Pepperdine) | Fitness Therapist

And we love looking at his grapes.

So check out the above Instagram accounts for some pics we could not share here and give us a tag if you wish and maybe we’ll give you a shout out!

What do you think?