We’re Sad to See Ross Mathews Separate from Longtime Partner Salvador Camarena

Just last month we spoke with television personality Ross Mathews, who we felt was having one of the best years ever. As a judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, the face and voice of his podcasts Straight Talk and Pop Talk, and having been presented with a trailblazing award by GLAAD, Ross has certainly made 2018 count. Throughout the great news and upcoming projects for Ross however, there was something that I had noticed that seemed a bit off. Ross’ longtime relationship with stylist Salvador Camarena seemed to be less and less talked about on his podcast and visible on social media.


Yes, their private lives should remain as such, but fans who truly love Ross and Salvador began to show concern when Salvador stopped making his special appearances on Straight Talk and photos on Instagram between the two started to fade.

The last photo with the two appears to be a group photo when Ross received his GLAAD award in San Francisco earlier this year.





Me & my family on the red carpet at the @GLAAD Awards tonight!

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Ross, who owned a house in Palm Springs, sold his home recently and downsized to a condo, another sign of transition.

During Ross’ recent tour in Europe he decided he would extend his time in Ireland to decompress and reflect as he stated in his podcast he was “going through it”–we all wondered if our speculations were correct.

Salvador posted cryptic messages that began to indicate that there was trouble in paradise and he was starting on a new journey with ‘new rules’. Followers used this post as a means to bombard Salvador with questions regarding their relationship, but he didn’t address any of the inquiries.






New rules.

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Salvador also posted an Instagram story where he said he was working on his Revenge Body, referring to a show hosted by Khloe Kardashian where individuals work on their health and fitness to get back with or show off their bodies to their exes. Another clue from Salvador.


But throughout the process, as long as it may have been, Ross didn’t quite address the questions and speculation. It seems that he has been using this time to really focus on the positive things in his life to build himself back up since Salvador is the only relationship Ross has ever been in.

Just yesterday at his popular Dragtastic Bubbly Brunch at Rockwell’s in Los Angeles, Ross was the most gracious host, coming to every single table and spending time with each party and thanking them for coming to the event.

Today, after the months of questions from fans, both Ross and Salvador posted an identical post that will finally put the wonder to rest. After almost a decade, the couple has decided to call it quits on their relationship, but assert that the split is a mutual decision and they remain connected.



This breakup is a hard one. It’s different than any other Hollywood breakup of relationships that might have lasted 2 years or 6 months. We grew with Ross and Salvador and as we followed their careers, we lived their relationship along with them, learning about their love and witnessing what an incredible team they were. I won’t add insult to injury by speculating why it is that the two have ended their relationship because I respect them both very much.

I just wish them both the very best on the next chapters of their lives and hope that they are filled with happiness and love where they need it most.

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