We’re Setting Our Calendars To See The Filipino Panagbenga Festival Boys

We know where we want to go next year.

We have to be honest and share that we’re a little late to the party in terms of this year’s festival, but we’re happy to share with you the existence of this cultural event (and put it in our calendars for next year).

Every year, the Philippines celebrates the Panagbenga Festival.

The Panagbenga Festival (or the Flower Festival) is a month-long event that happens every February. The festival celebrates the coming of spring and is a tribute to the many flowers found in the city of Baguio. The festival is also partly a celebration of the city’s survival after the 1990 Luzon earthquake.

Besides the event giving the younger generation a link to their cultural history, it also acts as a great boost to the city (and the country’s) economy. And there’s a great reason why.

During the event, there are several performances, such as dancers in revealing outfits, that are inspired by cultural history and the many flowers the event celebrates.

Many of the male dancers are interestingly dressed for the event. They dress up in traditional/ceremonial Cordillera outfits. (And if you’re wondering. No, they are not wearing underwear underneath. Though, there is a special compartment to secure their private bits).

So, if you’re thinking of traveling somewhere next February, consider visiting the Philippines and seeing this inspiring cultural event (and its hot ceremonial dancers).

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