We’re ‘So in Love’ With the New Jennifer Holliday Single

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Her career is a dream, girl! Grammy and Tony winner Jennifer Holliday is aiming to take the recording industry by storm just after being revealed as Miss Teddy on The Masked Singer Season 7.

The original Effie in Dreamgirls, 61-year-old Jennifer Holliday is most known for her hit single “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” It has become one of the most iconic songs of all time and is constantly covered by mainstream artists, most note-ably fellow Grammy winner Jennifer Hudson. However, Holliday isn’t about to let that song be her only footnote in music history!


The Broadway legend released a new single titled “So in Love” on March 14th. Now accompanied by an official music video featured below, “So in Love” is already blazing up the independent R&B chart – where it currently sits at #5. It also has over 10,000 streams on Spotify and 46,000 streams on YouTube. “So in Love” is an old-school, soulful tune filled with emotion, sensuality and glamour not seen regularly in this business.


Now, if you’re wondering why I’m covering Holliday’s new single – available on all digital/streaming platforms and in CD format – it’s because she is often regarded as a queer icon. While she’s a heterosexual woman, Ms. Holliday has been a supporter of her gay fans, AIDS education and LGBT rights for decades. She even generated quite a bit of buzz when she dropped out of the grand Trump Inauguration Ceremony due to her service to the gay, black and female communities.

In a 2021 interview with The Broadway Blog, the platinum selling singer stated:


My relationship with the gay community has been one of my strongest relationships for almost 40 years. I’ve been an advocate for AIDS assistance because it took the lives of male chorus members and the creative team of Dreamgirls. The gay community has really been a vital part of my whole existence. The gay community’s love and devotion to me have been consistent because I have been consistent with them. The older generation has introduced the newer generation to my music. I’ve never denounced or abandoned them. Nor have they done that to me.

Listen to “So in Love” below.

Holliday’s last album of original music was 2014’s The Song is You. Let’s hope “So in Love” is the start of a new musical era!

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