We’re Thinking About Chris March During His Health Challenges

Those of us who are Project Runway fans will remember some of the biggest personalities that have come through the work room and slayed the competition—even if they didn’t win. It’s true that the Lifetime show skyrockets the careers of many brining their craft to the forefront and showing that they can “make it work” in the real world. That is why when we hear of news of Project Runway alumni there is happiness and support for their continued success. Lately, however, we have had some bad news from the PR family with the passing of Season 3 finalist Mychael Knight in October 2017 and then just one month later the loss of Season 1 finalist Wendy Pepper.

Two sad days for the fashion world and for fans who have followed the show since day one. Now, fans have been on edge since learning of the dangerous health state Season 4 fan favorite Chris March is in. According to a Go Fund Me page started by one of March’s close friends, Nelson Carballo, he is in critical condition after his health began declining several months ago.

Carballo writes:

Our beloved Teddy Bear from Project Runway, Chris March, has had a rough 9 months. Back in June of last year, suffered a debilitating accident and had to be placed in a medically induced coma where he stayed for many weeks. Thanks to the miracle of modern science he has pulled through, but is still in a very fragile state. His right arm has been paralyzed and at this moment, has limited use of his hands and legs. In addition, he's dealing with respiratory issues that demand constant care. With skyrocketing medical bills, his health insurance has maxed out and he's in desperate need of continuous physical therapy in order to get back on track. 

March rose to fame after his stint on Project Runway, which led to the show Mad Fashion in 2011. March is known for his larger-than-life laugh and extravagant use of costume to present a unique and eclectic style that quickly turned high fashion. He also has created a line of Halloween wigs for Target in 2013. March has designed for Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Meryl Streep, and Madonna.

Carballo concludes with:

We want Chris March to continue making us giggle with his infectious laugh, incredible outfits , unexpected outrages and most of all his out – of – this – world wigs , all of which make us always feel fabulous!

If you’d like to show your support for Chris March, visit the Go Fund Me page and give some love.

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