Westboro Baptist Church Goes After Kim Davis / Should We Care?

The enemy of our enemy is not our friend. This could be no better proven with today's activities of the Westboro Baptist Church.

MOREHEAD, Ky. (WTVQ) – A group from Westboro Baptist Church was protesting against Kim Davis in Rowan County on Monday.

The church is known for its outspoken criticism of homosexuality and same sex marriage. In a release on Twitter on Sunday, they say Davis is a “fake Christian” and a “self-righteous hypocrite.”

According to the release, the church says Davis needs to “hush and obey the law.”

A small group from the church stood in front of the Rowan County Courthouse with signs for about 30 minutes Monday morning. – wtvq.com

Here's the story that ran at noon today on WTVQ ABC 36.


I'm not going to run and comfort Kim Davis nor will I applaud WB for their actions. 

We shouldn't celebrate someone being on the sh#t end of the same stick they were using to poke us.  What should we do?  If anything? 

Do we let another human being be persecuted?  Do unto others …

Or do we run to defend those that continue to judge us?

5 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church Goes After Kim Davis / Should We Care?”

  1. I’m not totally up on

    I'm not totally up on religious quotes – but isn't there something about "Judge not lest you be judged"  Or the good old saying "people living in glass houses shouldn't throw stones"  I don't enjoy seeing other people's misery but if you are causing misery to others you better make sure your closet is in order or those skeletons will be getting loose. Karma will get you.

  2. Gays and Kim Davis–No group

    Gays and Kim Davis–No group has the ability to unite enemies quite the way Westboro does. Also, Westboro makes Kim look rather tolerant.

  3. Read this and weep:  (or

    Read this and weep:  (or laugh.  or kill yourself.  hard to know)  "DEAR QUEER NATION (AND ALL OTHER TAXPAYERS):  YOU PAID FOR KIM DAVIS'S LAWYER.  Read the researched and ruinous truth at THE PICKFORD WORD blog, found at MOVIESFORYOURMIND.NET.  Vero Nihil Verius

  4. I was amazed to read that

    I was amazed to read that Kentucky probably won't impeach her-I googled "petition to impeach Kim Davis" and signed four of them. 

    • Someone told me that only

      Someone told me that only residents of the state of Kentucky can sign the petition to impeach Kim Davis. Can someone tell me if this is true?


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