We’ve Got Something For Everyone – Synth-Pop, Drag Anthems And More

Music from Gia Woods, Adam Roberts, the Pet Shop Boys and more

TGIF! Hopefully, folks can find some time to kick back and chill a bit this weekend. 

We hear there’s a sports ball game at the J. Lo/Shakira concert on Sunday, so we’re definitely looking forward to that.

And speaking of music, we want to highlight some of the latest tracks we’re listening to this weekend.

First up, Instinct readers really responded to our initial coverage of hunky singer/actor Adam Roberts (above center) back in early December when we featured his wild, romantic music video, “Glue.”

Roberts is back with a follow-up single, “Undercover Romance,” a gospel-infused, pop-bop that showcases the singer’s formidable range, power, and versatility framed by top-shelf production. 

“Undercover Romance” is available on iTunes and all digital download outlets.

Gia Woods takes no prisoners in ‘HUNGRY’

Out singer/songwriter Gia Woods has so much to say in her new music video, “HUNGRY,” she plays three different characters to express it all.

In the video, a powerful slice of seductive pulp fiction, she channels a diamond-clad dancer sliding down a stripper pole, a cheerleader wielding handcuffs and a baseball bat, and a chill homey hanging with her besties.

And through it all, the grungy synth-pop sound pairs perfectly with Woods’ rebellious message of independence, empowerment, and instincts.

Hit the play button to watch the ‘take-no-prisoners’ action from the sultry Persian-born songstress.

You can find “HUNGRY” on all digital download outlets.

Rapper-singer-songwriter-producer Doja Cat just dropped her ferocious new track “Boss Bitch” alongside an official music video with never-before-seen footage from Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).

The music video is serious next-level fierceness.

I think it’s pretty safe to say drag queens across the country will be turning out “Boss Bitch” for their stage performances in 3, 2, 1…

Legendary pop duo Pet Shop Boys pair their iconic pop-synth sound with disco-infused beats, horns and strings for the floor-filler, “Monkey Business.”

The music video offers scenes from a diverse, inclusive dance floor where even PSB Chris Lowe throws down.

Bring me margaritas/Champagne and red wine/We’re gonna have a party/Where we all cross the line/I’m looking for monkey business

Sounds like a weekend to us. Hit play below and bounce, bounce, bounce.

One more suggestion – if you’d rather catch up on the news while you’re out and about, try my news podcast below. I like to think of it as the “60 Minutes of gay news…only shorter.”

Metrosource named it one of the best LGBTQ podcasts to ‘keep you in the know.’ Clocking in at around 15 minutes, it’s an easy way to catch up on politics, pop culture and entertainment news of interest to the LGBTQ community when you’re on the go.

(photo credits: Gia Woods – Alex Michael Kennedy; Adam Roberts – Wadley Photography; screen capture from Monkey Business)

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