What A Bunch of ‘Nunsense!’

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Another day, another example of organized religion saying, “Only God can judge me!” but then proceeding to judge everyone else. 

Models Serena de Ferrari and Kyshan Wilson were in the middle of a photoshoot earlier this week in Naples’ Spanish Quarter when they were accosted by an unlikely foe. The Nun… Or, well, a nun. 


The photoshoot for Not Yet Magazine was going perfectly until the models’ same-sex kiss was broken up by an elderly Italian nun. The woman of God physically pushed the women apart and started screaming at them about who-knows-what. Some sources have stated it was prayers against evil, but direct translations have not been validated. 

Luckily, the models and the production crew handled the situation respectfully with an awkward laugh and a listening ear. Couldn’t have been me. These hands are free and coming express for whoever want them!

Comments across the internet are mixed. Some find it hilarious; some find it harmful. Some think a kiss between interracial women was too much for the nun. And others think she was just shouting about the women’s choice in fashion. 

What’s your opinion? Comment and let me know! 

Source: Yahoo, News 18

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