What A ‘WICKED’ Proposal.

Did you get a ring over Christmas? No, neither did I, but as my friends always say, "Better, not bitter."  So what better way to be better than to wish one of the newest engaged couples a lifetime of happiness.  So what if one of them is in one of the most successful Broadway Musicals ever and the other is a beautiful model.  Better,  yes, better, not bitter.  

When the cast of Wicked completed curtain call on Christmas night, one member got an extra special gift – a proposal from his boyfriend.

Josh Daniel Green, who portrays one of the flying monkeys in the Broadway show, was proposed to on the Gershwin Theatre stage by boyfriend Daniel Robinson. – gaytimes.co.uk

Watch the video below to see the lovely moment unfold.





Josh seems very surprised to see Daniel in a flying monkey suit since we beleive Daniel is not in Wicked.  He had to know something was up.  Thanks guys for sharing your moment with us and the world.

All kidding aside, best of luck to Daniel and Josh.  We do wish you all the happiness.

So next time you see a flying monkey around NYC, he may be taken. 

And if you want to see more of one of the fiances, head on over to Daniel Robinson's Instagram Page.  He looks good in and out of that monkey suit.

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