What Are Folks Up To This First Week Of Pride Month?

Sharing some of our favorite Instagram posts this week beginning with woofy Fabrício Ternes (above) who stopped us in our tracks with this subdued pic from Brazil. #ThatSmile

The Pit Crew hotties from RuPaul’s Drag Race got ready for some Pride Month action:

Joel Green was serving up some ‘power red’ at the beach:

Fashion designer Daniel Sheehan has a message for Pride Month:

Houston Scott (clearly) likes chest day:


Former pro rugby player/current CrossFitter Dan Tai is a serious “witness to the fitness.” How about those calves? #dang


Andre Chandler threw down a big boy dance:

Olympic and world champion diver Tom Daley got this close to being porn-adjacent in his photo shoot for Man About Town:

Luffy found his way to Barcelona (lucky Barcelona…)

Mr. Gay Vegas (aka J.Son & host of the Temptation Sundays gay pool parties) won an Emmy Award for his reporting in Las Vegas on the BLM movement:

Moe rocked that Wonder Woman t-shirt at Disney World:


Intrepid YouTuber Max Emerson entertained with this visual nugget:

Fitness guy Bruno Baba is still making fun of his pandemic weight-gain:

And out gay rugger Devin Ibañez closes out this round-up with rainbow Pride smile:

6 thoughts on “What Are Folks Up To This First Week Of Pride Month?”

  1. You need to be more inclusive with these roundups. Different body types can be sexy. You seem to just focus on people who are different degrees of muscular or “fit.” We should be past this.

    • I wrote the piece – thanks for the input. I make sure I include all types of folks in these round-ups: younger, older, Black, Asian, white, Hispanic, bears, twinks, beefy, lean, defined muscular, some not-so-much. I try to include some posts that attempt some uplifting captions and some that include some humor. Scroll back up – Andre Chandler and MrGayVegas could not be more different. Daniel Sheehan and Tom Daley both had cute posts but again – very different. Regarding “sexy” body types – I don’t preface the piece with the word “sexy.” These are some of our “favorite” Instagram posts – it’s just meant to be fun. p.s. Fitness is not a dirty word.


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