What Are ‘Pose’ Grand Dame’s Musts For New Home With Her Fiancé?

From gifting daughter Angel with the wedding of her dreams to finding inventive ways for her family to consistently serve stunning looks in the ballroom, as the Grande Dame of FX’s ballroom odyssey Pose, Elektra Abundance is known to have an appreciation and a taste for the finer things. On last night’s episode of HGTV’s House Hunters , Abundance’s portrayer Dominique Jackson (and her fiancé and manager Edwin) are heading out of their New York City apartment & into home ownership together; the question ultimately is though-which one will they choose?  Like the character she portrays, Jackson’s standards were high. “When it comes to buying this house,” she says, “I want everything.”

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While both Dominique and Edwin definitely want a home outside of the city to host their large extended friends and family, they also have some distinct differences in what they consider “musts” when purchasing a forever home. Edwin is being practical and willing to work within the $400,000 budget (to which Jackson quipped “You crazy”!) and is also looking for a farmhouse with an open-concept and plenty of space to raise chickens and pigs. Known for playing an over the top character on Pose, Jackson openly admits that “there are parts of me that are that.” She considers the pool and stunning spa bathroom in a two-story colonial as “musts.” 


While Jackson and Edwin seemed to enjoy the process of narrowing down their choices to the home they chose, Jackson definitely was aware that her appearance on this HGTV favorite was groundbreaking (the episode was first promoted in May and aired on the first day of Pride month). Near the end of the episode, Jackson spoke for so many in her community that still feel home ownership might not be in the cards for them.

“As a black trans woman, I thought it was impossible to own a home,” says Jackson. “Home ownership was not on my radar. And now that I am financially able to do it with my partner, I realize that it can be done.”


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