What are the 10 Most Enviable & Sexy Celebrity Male Bodies?

Whether we are watching them on the big screen, enjoying an hour with them on television, or listening to their music, chances are that at least one male celebrity has caught your eye in the physical sense.

They have done that something extra with their fantastic figure that has really got your engines going to the point where you may actually feel something move downstairs after seeing them (this has all happened to us at least once).

Gay men have a way of viewing the male form in their own individual way. Some like muscle, some like lean, and some like a little extra cushion. But which ten male celebrity bodies are the ones we not only envy but find extraordinarily sexy at the same time?

I took a poll this week and asked that question to my fellow gay brethren, where the answers to said question had more answers and variety than the amount of ice cream flavors Ben & Jerry's carries (yum).

Take a look (in no particular order) what made this extra sexy list.

Nick Jonas




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Jason Momoa



Idris Elba



Man like @djwillclarke! Check out his remix of my tune ‘Badman’ (Link in bio)

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Gus Kenworthy


Chris Pratt



Ricky Martin



Suns out Tongues out

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Joey Ryan



I still you, @katarinasinfamy.

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Joe Manganiello


#EVOLUTION is available now in Russian #GetYourIvanDragoOn

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LL Cool J


Trophy goes to the winner – who you got? #disstracks @RockTheBellsSXM

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Henry Cavill

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