What Are The Best Sex Toys For Beginners? Here Are The Ones We Liked.


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Before you move forward with the adult activities the boys above are going to get into, you may have to ask yourself, are you ready?  It could be that you are just beginning with the whole man-on-man or man-in-man activity, maybe it's been so long that you think your cherry has grown back, or maybe youve never had that great sexual experience with someone, there are some toys that may help in getting into a comfortable and glorious place when it comes to gay sex. 



Knowing your limits, knowing your sweet spot, being comfortable with play down there and play in there are all crucial things.  It's fun to learn with someone else, but there are benefits of 'feeling yourself out' before you take your show on the road.




Start with something we all know oh too well.  To get into the swing of things and break down any stigmas about using sex toys, it might be beneficial to start off masturbating … with a little help.  I chose the Fleshlight Go: Torque Ice as my assistant to "break the ice."  I was looking for something that was travel-friendly and the Torque Ice is more petite than the original Fleshlights and weighs even less.  My roommate actually has a couple of the larger models.  He did a show and tell of his, his Fleshlights and that's it, showing me how to control the sucking sensation with just a simple twist.  A small sample of lube was included in the package.  It was all ready to go!  My oh my. where was this in my teen years … or last year.




For some of us uncircumcised masturbating individuals, lubes are all new territory.  Sex toys will need lube so try them out.  And sex with other men will need lube, too. Don't buy the gallon pump version until you know what one is good for you.  Some men say they don't do well with silicone and some don't do well with water base, one or the other just doesn't feel good to them. So … find out which one works for you.  I tried out the Pjur Original Eros Bodyglide 1.  Well, uncut men, maybe we need to forget that we can save money not needing to buy lube … and buy lube!  The Eros was a good introduction to using lubes and was helpful for other activities.



Yes, lubes are used for the other side of things, too.  For beginners, it may be recommended to try some AnalEase, or A & E Easy Anal to numb the pain of rear activities.  I'm not technical so I'll refer to the Adammale.com page … "Benzocaine mildly numbs the anal area, making penetration with a penis or toy more easy and enjoyable. Beginners and those already familiar with anal play can comfortably experience the thrills of backdoor exploration."  Does it work?  Yes indeed.  It's a gel and not a spray.  Give it a try and figure out during which activities you will want to use this.  It can act like a lube but can be as well used in conjunction with both water based and silicone lubes.




We've played with the front and tried some lubes out, but the butt play may be so very new to many of us.  I cannot lie, this is actually one I've had for a very long time.  The Metal Shower Enema Set was one of my first "sex toy" purchases.  I've had this easy to install shower attachment in three different places I've lived, but I think I may need an upgrade since the "new shower set comes with two different nozzles so you can experience different sensations during your intimate water play.   The stainless steel spike measures 3.5”, while the stainless steel wand measures 5”."  I have the larger wand.  It really gets you very clean, but be warned, it is an enema set.  Things do get messy before they get clean so read the instructions.  I remember one of my friends telling me he was in line to get on a cruise once and the guy in front of him had a wrench in his bag in order to attach his Metal Shower Enema Set to the shower in the boat.  That's how good it is.


If you do want to travel and be ready for "social activities," but not bring a wrench (which it really doesn't need a wrench to attach, I just used my hands every time), another cleaning option is the Ultra Douche.  After using the Metal Shower Enema Set, the Ultra Douche is going to seem very different.  It's an easy toy to use and very easy to travel with.  I read some of the reviews before using.  Some say the sink for a water source and the toilet is fine, but others including Adammale state that the tub / shower may be easier clean up.  Also, another review said "Overall I like the product. Just be careful of suck back."  And we don't want suck back, so just keep the bulb compressed while pulling it out.



Anal Beginners Kits

The Colt Anal Trainer Kit.  You know where these go and you know what they do.  I'll let Adammale describe them.  "Never be without the perfect size butt plug again! These Colt Butt Plugs begin with a modest size girth of only 1 inch on the small one and grows to 2 inches in the large. Slowly build up your insertion tolerance with this 3 level kit or simply add variety to your backdoor pleasure regimen. All are solid black and made from soft but sturdy rubber.  Small 4” Insertion; 1” Width.  Medium 4 1⁄2” Insertion; 1 1⁄2” Width.  Large 5 1⁄2” Insertion; 2” Width"  Do any of you use these daily?  How long do you leave them in for?  I have these but need some recommendations.



Anal Toys

The moment you've all been waiting for … anal … toys.  We've all masturbated, washed our bums, and stuck a finger in there once or twice.  What about a little more?  or a lot more? The butt plugs above were new, but let's get real.

Adam's True Feel Cock.  "If you’re looking for an ultra-realistic toy experience, we would like you to meet Adam!  Other toys seem life-like, but the Adam’s True Feel Dildo simulates all the thrills of an actual erection! The outer covering is made of soft TPE that feels as smooth and flexible as real skin. The inner core is firm and mimics a hard-on. It’s as close as you can get to the real thing."  When this arrived, we passed it around the house to give it a tug. We all agreed it's pretty realistic. Can I give a suggestion?  When you douche in the shower, bring Adam's True Feel Cock in with you.  What better time to go exploring than just after getting all cleaned up.  Use the suction cup on the shower wall or just give Adam a hand.  If not wanting to play in the shower, maybe combine Adam and Easy Anal lube. Just remember the Easy Anal takes about 3 min or so to work.  So apply, load up the porn, get comfortable, and invite Adam in. What is great about this toy is that it's only 1.5 inches thick and has a very soft, realistic outer skin.


Ermahgawd! The Lux LX3 Male Prostate Simulator.  This one should come with every gay man's Gay Card. Charge this puppy up, because you may end up wanting to leave it in all night long. The vibrations are all over and in and under. 

Powered by PowerBullet™ technology, the intense vibrations of the LX3 Male Prostate stimulator transfer over the entire surface of this sex toy for a truly unforgettable experience. You’ll enjoy strong, powerful orgasms again and again with this high quality, luxury stimulator designed for the man who needs a change from the ordinary. It's rechargeable with its lithium ion battery included and comes packaged in a unique cigar box case. I love the case since sometimes it's hard to figure out where or how to store your sex toys.

I love everything about this, how it charges, how you store it, and definitely how it feels.  This is not your father's sex toy.


And last, but definitely not least (with 9 insertable inches) we have the 10 Functioning Vibrating Anal Wand. This was passed around my household and my roommates wanted to get on the waiting list for this one.  That ain't happening. Not only does the toy have 10 functions, there are different speeds, too.  "Enjoy deep pulsating pleasure with this extra long anal wand. Special dual motors in the tip and base ensure deep buzzing thrills along the entire toy for total stimulation to your hot spots. Push buttons in the base let you hum through 10 different vibration patterns and intensities, letting you find just the right level of excitement. Plus, a “boost “ button concentrates even more power to your selected setting to set your prostate soaring."  

This one is the best exploratory tool.  You'll probably find out what you like the best about anal, if anything with this toy.  There's 9 inches to insert and for many of us, that may be reaching the limit or find out there's more room in the bat cave. 


In conclusion

I'm worn out!  Researching these toys was a lot of fun.  I loved them all and think they are a great mix for "Sex Toys For Beginners."  I still have the The Colt Anal Trainer Kit to try on for size, but I'll get around to it, pun intended. 

Some pointers are as follows.  I would be to get a variety if you want variety in the bedroom. Don't pass up the Fleshlight Go: Torque Ice because you think you know how to masturbate.  You'll learn a thing or two.  The Adam's True Feel Cock with its realistic feel and good size is great for practicing what the boys like to do back there.  The 10 Functioning Vibrating Anal Wand will help you find out where and how much you like up there.  Try out both types of lube, Pjur Original Eros Bodyglide 1 and a water based lube to see which one you like on and in you.  Some boys say one feels better than the other.  Pay attention as well to which toys recommend which type of lube. I would say to NOT use the A & E Easy Anal with anything that vibrates so you get all the pleasure you can, but it's good for practicing with Adam.  You know you will have to clean up after, but the Metal Shower Enema Set and the Ultra Douche make for easy and fun cleaning before the action.  And finally, marry the Lux LX3 Male Prostate Simulator.

Hope this helps.  I think I'm going to go back and do some more research.


*Go to AdamMale.com and enter code INSTINCT for 35% Off the Highest Priced Item in Your Cart + Free Shipping on Your Entire Order in the US! *a few items may not be eligible for discount.*


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