What are the Safest Manhattan Neighborhoods for LGBTQ Travelers?

Manhattan is one of the biggest and best cities for gay culture. Thousands of people who identify within the LGBTQ spectrum visit "The Big Apple" every single year in hopes of finding some of the best food, entertainment, nightlife, and more while there.


It’s also important that our community is aware of what neighborhoods within Manhattan are its safest, as hate crimes unfortunately still exist here.

GeoSure, an award-winning smartphone app that helps travelers across the most reliable safety information available with easy-to-use ratings that range from 1-100 (the lower the score, the safer the neighborhood), developed their own list of the safest neighborhoods for LGBTQ travelers in

New York City overall ranked a 31 for a score.  Philadelphia comes in at 45, Washington DC in at 40, Fort Lauderdale at 39, and Miami at 49. 

Take a look at what areas of NYC ranked where below: (numbers at time of publication)

Manhattan Neighborhood   LGBTQ
Chelsea 32
Midtown East  32
Upper East Side 32
Hell's Kitchen  40
Gramercy Park 28
East Village  32
SoHo 32
TriBeca 28
West Village  40
Morningside Heights  33

Why the high numbers within Hell's Kitchen and West Village?  It is most likely because the app uses self-reporting to give the ratings of each region.  It seems more concerns have been reported within those two areas. Keep in mind the main number for the area is the overall rating and users must slide up to see the LGBTQ Rating. 

The app is still new and may not have a number for all of the cities out there.  As usage increases, the numbers will be more accurate. Just like YELP and other rating apps, GeoSure gives a good approximation of quality based on others opinions.


As always, be safe and look out for yourselves.

h/t: GeoSure

3 thoughts on “What are the Safest Manhattan Neighborhoods for LGBTQ Travelers?”

  1. I lived in Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale from 1981-84, and again in Fort Lauderdale from 1995-2000; I always felt safe there. Miami Beach is fine, but lots of areas in Miami should be avoided at all times, such as the ghettos of Overtown and Liberty City. Also be careful around the Miami Arena/Guzman Arts Center.

  2. Better yet, just skip NYC. It

    Better yet, just skip NYC. It's become the most boring, overpriced, overrated places for anybody.

    • Haven’t been to NYC in years.

      Haven't been to NYC in years.  I'm waiting for an amazing reason to go.  Living in Fort Lauderdale and near Wilton Manors, a drive to Key West and cheap and quick flights to many places, American or not, I need a very good reason why to travel over a thousand miles north.


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