What Body Part Is Required For Your Boyfriend?

What Body Part Is Required For Your Boyfriend?

From Abs to FEET: What’s Your Poison?

GROAN! Okay, so just between us – we have to openly discuss what is the most important part of a man! I mean, in reality, when it comes to love – or lust for some of us – what’s your flavor?! I recently had a conversation with an attractive, arguably sane friend over why we’re both single! We both are healthy, work full time jobs, are in the club scene about one a month, and if we’re being honest…we’re not ugly! Among a copious amount of wine, we began to laugh about the lack of love in our lives. Our narcissistic rulings determined that we may be the ones with the problem! We’re looking for a special guy with one particular physical trait!

While browsing our minds through the list of men we know, my friend and I have came to the conclusion that no one is really dateable, per say. We collectively decided we are holding out for men with certain body parts. Hey, we’re in our mid-twenties, don’t blame us for being a little bit shallow! I’d bypass a gentleman who is probably the best thing in my life- if he didn’t have a gorgeous, round behind! My friend believes that the love of his life is going to have a commanding nose with even bigger arm muscles. We were solid in our expectations!

I began to wonder: Does having a certain body part determine if someone is dateable? Sure, dating is completely different than a one night stand – so shouldn’t we be even more picky on someone we’d anticipate bringing home to our family? We do all have a reputation to live up too!

So, please tell me – which body part is a must for you? What turns you on so much to the point where it becomes a requirement for your future hubby?

What do you think?