What Do The Holidays Mean To Gay Men?


Merry Christmas to the Dumpster Queens!

Michael Henry is back with a festive video celebrating the holidays with our favorite trash fire gays. The video shows Henry with Pete Zias and Michael Lucid at their iconic meeting spot. The three first talk about themes of the season such as giving gifts, sexy encounters, and holiday movies. Topics jump from g-strings, Home Alone, sex positions, and more, and we loved every second of it.

Our favorite part? Michael Lucid’s story about what the holidays mean for him. And it has us thinking, what do the holidays mean to us? Family? Gifts? Flings? Drinks? Michael Henry? There’s so much to celebrate! What do the holidays mean to you all? Let us know your stories down in the comments below. That is, of course, after you watch the Michael Henry video down below.

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