What Do You Do When You Get That Unwanted D*** Pic?

It’s Friday night, so you know as you sit with your bowl of melting ice cream watching Netflix you’re secretly waiting to see who messages you on Grindr. And as soon as that notification pops up, your heart skips a beat. You go to check your phone—a profile with no photo—but you open it anyway to find an unsolicited, not very cute, dick pic. Of course!

What the heck, it’s Friday night, so you go with it. It’s almost like clockwork, right? All you need is a theme song. Well, now you have one.

The Pun Guys, a parody and sketch crew have come up with a parody called Dickpicito that tells the perfect story you’d like to sing when you get those unwanted dick pics in your DMs. The song is a parody of Luis Fonsi’s Despacito which climbed to the top of the charts last year. Okay, this parody is from last year too, but we’ve never shared it and it deserves a little recognition.

The duet in the parody features a guy sending a dick pic to a girl—but isn’t the scenario universal? No one wants a “ticket to that nasty meat show”.

So next time you get that notification, look up this link and send it to that headless profile. And then you can send him a picture of your ass.

Enjoy the weekend!

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