What Do You Do When You Get That Unwanted D*** Pic?

It’s Friday night, so you know as you sit with your bowl of melting ice cream watching Netflix you’re secretly waiting to see who messages you on Grindr. And as soon as that notification pops up, your heart skips a beat. You go to check your phone—a profile with no photo—but you open it anyway to find an unsolicited, not very cute, dick pic. Of course!

What the heck, it’s Friday night, so you go with it. It’s almost like clockwork, right? All you need is a theme song. Well, now you have one.

The Pun Guys, a parody and sketch crew have come up with a parody called Dickpicito that tells the perfect story you’d like to sing when you get those unwanted dick pics in your DMs. The song is a parody of Luis Fonsi’s Despacito which climbed to the top of the charts last year. Okay, this parody is from last year too, but we’ve never shared it and it deserves a little recognition.

The duet in the parody features a guy sending a dick pic to a girl—but isn’t the scenario universal? No one wants a “ticket to that nasty meat show”.

So next time you get that notification, look up this link and send it to that headless profile. And then you can send him a picture of your ass.

Enjoy the weekend!

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14 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You Get That Unwanted D*** Pic?”

  1. The duet in the parody

    The duet in the parody features a guy sending a dick pic to a girl—but isn’t the scenario universal? No one wants a “ticket to that nasty meat show”.   Finally people are realizing that genitals are completely unimportant as far as ones sex and sexual attractiveness goes. 

    • Wow, you’re a fast one RTE_66

      Wow, you're a fast one RTE_66.  Maybe that's why most of you is shut down or abandoned.  Yes, anyone can see that the parody in fact does feature a guy and girl. And yes, the scenario is universal and applicable to the gay community. Jesus, that is why the writer posted this on an LGBT site.

      Some of us are still looking for the D and want that D and care what the D looks like. You may be looking through your "I want a relationship" glasses when viewing this. Not everyone wants a relationship right here, right now.

      People are superficial when looking to get their rocks off.  This parody is about hooking up, not running to the altar. When shopping in the "I Want To Have No Strings Attached Sex Right Now Aisle", people are not concerned about how your relationship is with your grandparents, if you like animals, or are you planning your 401k appropriately.  They want the big sausage, small sausage, bubble butt, flat abs, big, belly, latex fetish, or whatever they are into.

      If this were a video about people looking for the one to start a life with, yes your opinions may be applicable, but type genitalia is still important for most/many.  Not all of us are pansexual, spirited individuals, etc. Many still desire a man to have a penis, a woman a vagina. It is not transphobic. 

      phobic – having or involving an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something.

      Not having an interest in sleeping with someone because of their sexual identity or gender or them being transgender is not a phobia. Because I am a gay male and do not wish to sleep with a woman, am I gynophobic/gynephobic/eminophobic? There's no fear there. Do I go into a bar that has just straight people that sleep with just cis members of the opposite sex and tell them they are all homophobic?

      • Anonymous M. : You absolutely

        Anonymous M. : You absolutely are gynophobic, or…more specifically, transphobic… if you won't sleep with a self-identified man just because he has a vagina and not a penis. You just need to take a look at yourself. 

        • Your mixing fear with desire

          Your mixing fear with desire which is incorrect. Using your thought process, if straight man or woman didn't want to sleep with a person of the same sex, they would be considered homophobic.

          • But you claim you like men

            But you claim you like men and a transman is a man , whether he has a penis or vagina or even a cross between both down there.

          • I like a man with a penis,

            I like a man with a penis, not a vagina. I also like a man that showers and has good hygiene. Does that put me in a type of phobic/phobia in your book? I am sure it does and you will degrade me about that. 

            You still didn't answer my homophobic question. 

          • I hear you. What I’m

            I hear you. What I'm expressing here is NO exaggeration as far as what transgender activists are insisting upon. Research it, look it up all over the web, and you'll see what I mean. That's why they decided Gender was the most important thing (rather than Sex, which involves specific genitalia and other physical characteristics). Gender means you can claim to be male, female, or non-binary with no medical work done whatsoever and it's considered a hate crime if you don't go along with it and use the pronouns they prefer. And it's another reason why I want the T dropped from GLB.

          • You also choose to put the G

            You also choose to put the G first I see. Why not alphabetical so there is no this one over that one discrepancy? BGL.

            So all of your complaining about this big d energy fiasco and genitals being important is you playing a poor devil's advocate and misrepresenting yourself as a supporter of the transgender community.


          • The Canadian feminist Meghan

            The Canadian feminist Meghan Murphy was just correctly thrown off of Twitter for taking that attitude. A transwoman wanted to join an all-womens' group and Murphy said "He's not a real woman", and that belief is unacceptable today. 

          • Was the group about massaging

            Was the group about massaging your vagina? Was it a group to talk about ovaries? If not, she was incorrect. Don't know where this came from since we are talking about bumping uglies together and not who cah join 4H

          • Yes, it was about one of

            Yes, it was about one of those bonding/seeking identity through the female sex organs ritual thing. Which is why the trans activists and so many feminists are at odds today. Many feminists feel transwomen are really men now attempting to invade womens' (both lesbian and straight) spaces.

          • Look up the Alexander Cheves

            Look up the Alexander Cheves article on The Advocate "16 Things I Learned From Having Sex With Transmen"   He explains why the genitals should never be the focus on sex or partnerships.

          • Good for Alexander for

            Good for Alexander for writing a book. Anyone can write a book about any thing these days.

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